The World’s Power Needs To Rely On Solar In The Future


The world will need more power by 2030, a time when the global population is set to reach a whopping 8.5 billion. Supplying this need to billions of people will involve renewable energy, particularly solar power, as it is cost efficient, and governments are expected to pursue stricter policies that focus on clean energy in the years to come. With the no to coal movement gaining strength and climate change activists making headway in global politics, solar energy will become de rigueur for every home soon.

Don’t Wait For 2030

Homeowners and those planning to construct buildings should not wait for 2030 to start installing solar panels: no other energy-generation technology has matched its cost reduction through the years, and it also offers a lot of savings. The solar energy market around the world is forecasted to reach a whopping 422 billion USD in the year 2022, and this is attributed to the cheaper solar photovoltaic systems that are now being produced. While the costs will go down some more in years to come, getting solar now will still be cost effective, as it saves households thousands in electric bills per year. Aside from that, solar panels can be integrated in homes without a problem nowadays, since solar professionals can put them on shingles, tiles, flat roofs, and metal frames.

The Future Of Solar

The sun emits enough energy to supply the Earth’s power needs, considering that it is always there and that it is renewable. Interestingly, however, solar power only makes up a measly 2% of global energy supply, based on a 2018 review from Harvard University. The good news is, technological improvements have made it a more attractive energy source, and that 2% is already an improvement compared to its usage in the past twenty years. The future of solar shows good prospects though, as scientists and developers are now increasing solar panel efficiency. Harvard University’s study also notes that adding hardware that will make it possible for solar panels to harvest more light will offer a significant improvement, and doing this will not require a change of solar cell design. Electronics will also play a crucial role in making solar more affordable in the very near future.

A World Powered By Solar

In a single hour, the sun produces 430 quintillion joules per hour, while mankind consumes an estimated 500 million terajoules per year. To put this into perspective, sun power that hits the Earth in a single hour is more than what humans use in an entire year. A world powered by solar alone is possible, and mankind only needs to cover 1.2% of the Sahara to get the power that the Earth needs per annum.

Solar is definitely the future, and for many households, the future is now. Solar power is not only cost effective; it also helps the environment heal, making it one of the best renewable energy sources around.

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The World’s Power Needs To Rely On Solar In The Future
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