The Ultimate Smart Home in 2020


The fourth industrial revolution proves that there are no limits to technological advancement that works to make life easier. There has been a surge in smartphones’ use in recent times. Mobile phones transformed from gadgets used to make calls and send simple messages to accomplishing complex tasks like accessing free slots no download no registration instant play. The smart revolution has not stopped there and is intent on advancing everyday spaces like homes. Smart homes are exactly what they sound like – houses with systems that facilitate the automation of tasks. Here are the key components that are essential to make your space a smart home.

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Smart Plugs

Smart plugs look like your standard adapter that connects appliances to the power socket. These gadgets carry out the fundamental function of turning devices on and off. However, they become nifty items when they are connected to a smart system. Smart plugs make it possible to remotely turn gadgets on and off, keep track of what is running, and set timers that automatically run devices without your interference. The best smart plugs right now include:

  •  Tp-link – consists of two outlets, home and away modes, intuitive mobile application, voice commands, and can set scenes and schedules directly from the smartphone app.
  •  Wyze Plug – part of the Wyze ecosystem, includes a vacation mode and comes at an affordable price of about fifteen dollars for two plugs.
  •  Amazon Smart Plug – integrates easily with the Amazon ecosystem, is stackable, and has one of the highest-rated mobile applications.
  •  Aukey – integrates with popular ecosystems, has a compact design, and comes at a solid value of about 22 dollars for two plugs.

Smart Fridge

The refrigerator has not changed much over the decades. For a long time, it has just been a rectangular device that keeps things cold with small alterations to size and compartments. This stagnant nature all changed when Samsung came in with a smart fridge, which demonstrated that even these gadgets could be part of the technological evolution. The smart fridge accomplishes a variety of tasks that are otherwise not possible on the conventional refrigerator including:

  •  Amazon integration – this addition makes it possible to not only play music and watch films but also order fresh food using Amazon Fresh that is delivered to one’s doorstep.
  •  Screen – the giant display on one of the fridge doors allows you to see what you have inside, make suggestions of what you may need, and even make online orders.
  •  Sophisticated aesthetic – Samsung offers different sizes and capacities of the smart fridge. The most common design is the side by side, which has the freezer on the left and the refrigerator on the right. The conventional fridge on top is also offered with new recess handles that increase the capacity for food storage.
  •  Ecosystem connection – Using Samsung’s SmartThings, the smart fridge can be connected to an ecosystem of other smart gadgets like doorbells, mobile phones, thermostats, and bulbs.

Smart Doorbell

For an extended period, there has not been an alternative option to traditional doorbells, which means most people have not thought much of it. With technology working to make almost everything more comfortable, this part of the home has not been left behind. The smart doorbell not only notified the homeowner when a guest arrives but can go as far as to identify who it is. This tech solution also eliminates the security hazards presented by traditional doorbells. Intruders often target old doorbells since they know that most people answer the door automatically once it rings. Some of the ways this smart solution makes life easier include:

  •  Alerting the homeowner when someone is approaching the door using motion sensors;
  •  Video and audio programs that allow you to answer the door whether you are there or not;
  •  Shows images and videos of the person at the door, so you know who you are welcoming;
  •  Infrared-equipped options that make it possible to see outside even when it is dark.

Smart Locks

Smart locks eliminate the use of keys used in traditional locks, and they are often connected to the home Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network. The smart locks can use a different range of alternatives to unlock your home, such as codes, face recognition, fingerprint sensors, or voice recognition. Having such a system makes your house more secure, unlike using keys that can easily be stolen from you.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner adds a lot of convenience to daily life by taking care of essential floor cleaning tasks. The device, which is also known as a Roomba, has intelligent programming that allows it to run around collecting dirt and debris from the floor. When it was first introduced, the robot vacuum cleaner ran using manual operation through remote control. The options available on the market today run without human guidance and are even smart enough to map out the house and identify the spots that need the most cleaning every day. The best Roomba options to consider include:

  •  Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum
  •  Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S
  •  iRobot Roomba i7+
  •  Samsung Powerbot R7040
  •  Neato Robotics Botvac D7

Robotic Lawnmower Set

The lawn dread is a typical summer malady for those who own a yard with grass. Cutting grass in hot and sticky weather week after week is hardly the ideal activity, and the smart evolution offers a solution with the robotic lawnmower set. Unlike the manual version that goes around swinging massive blades while being operated, the robotic mower makes small and precise cuts that do a thorough job. This gadget proceeds automatically without human or remote assistance and often runs on batteries. Electrical options can be found, as well.

AI Assistant

A virtual, AI or a digital assistant performs tasks that were traditionally assigned to human assistants. These systems can look up the time, set up appointments, store vital information, and control other smart devices in the house. Popular AI assistants include Alexa by Amazon, Google Assistant by Google, Cortana by Microsoft, and Siri by Apple.

In Brief

If you are on a mission to upgrade your home to suit modern times, taking the smart route is the best approach. Take time to review some of the options presented in each category to find the best one that works for your ecosystem.

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