The Truth About Famous Ladies And Their Long Legs 


In a world full of media at our every turn it is no wonder we are constantly comparing ourselves to celebrities. Whether it is their latest fashion trends, what their baby may be wearing this week, or the latest partner they have on their arm, people are obsessed.


The one thing many females would love to change but simply cannot is how tall they are. Being tall or short is not a choice, it is that one thing in life that happens to be just absolutely and utterly out of their control. Yet the majority of women looking through the latest magazines and can only daydream of being taller. Who wouldn’t want to be taller with the seemingly endless legs that go on forever

 With some of the most beautiful and powerful female celebrities in the world being over 5ft 10 you cannot help but notice them. As you see most celebrities photographed in the latest fashion magazines, looking nothing other than fresh faced, with pins you could only dream of, it certainly makes you aware of your own height.

Most tall female celebrities have mainly been quoted as saying they hated being tall as a child. As a child height can be roughly worked out ,this is normally worked out by something called height percentile . Most have gone on to say that as adults they don’t mind standing out in a crowd. Having its uses in earlier careers, being tall seems to be more appealing when you are standing out in a room full of fellow celebrities not in a classroom full of hormone fueled teenagers. 

What do people think of when they are asked to name a tall famous female?

Rightly or wrongly, when being asked about a tall famous female we are automatically drawn to thinking of a supermodel, not every woman over the average height is strutting her stuff in 6-inch heels down the catwalk. New York fashion week just isn’t for anyone over a certain height, fashion designers certainly don’t pick a model just based on her height.

We all have made assumptions in the past that you have to be over a certain height to be a world class supermodel, this could not be further from the truth. Supermodels have to be photogenic their personality will usually shine through and a designer is usually looking for a certain look. Although being tall does come into play it isn’t the main factor, however, this being said most supermodels are over 5ft 8inchs.

An example of this is Supermodel Kate Moss who is only around 5ft 7inchs or 1.7m, although Kate is shorter in height than most Supermodels and most people deem her not tall enough, she has a successful career and has built a fantastic business Empire in her own right.

 Kate has walked many catwalks and starred in numerous advertising campaigns. Kate Moss has to be one of the most famous supermodels in the world despite her height being shorter than most other famous supermodels.

There are plenty of beautiful tall supermodels who do spring to the forefront of our minds. Here is a small example list.

  • . Jourdan Dunn 1.83m
  • . Elle Macpherson 1.82m
  • . Karlie Kloss 1.88m
  • . Ana Hickmann 1.85m.
  • . Jerry Hall 1.83m

One of the tallest female singer/ songwriters that we all know 

Times are changing with the growing career choices for women in this day and age we are seeing lots of female celebrities in papers, magazines or giving interviews in the media. Is it their height that’s getting them noticed? Or the fixation on our own heights that is making us sit up and take note. Do we all actually want to be a little bit taller?

Taylor Alison Swift born on December 13 1989 is one of the most talented singer/songwriters in the world. Taylor is known for being a fiercely independent strong woman. Her career has rocketed and she is known globally having sold over 200 million records all over the world.

 The one thing however that is not associated with Taylor is her height. While some reports say, she didn’t like being tall as a young girl as it apparently made her feel insecure. Taylor stands at an amazing 5ft 10/11 or 1.8m.

Taylor is now said to be over the issues that made her feel less secure as a child, embracing her height as a good thing. Size hasn’t been said to have been an issue in Taylors dating life and has no cause for concern when it comes to dating a shorter man.

So does size matter so much? Apparently not, it’s perfectly acceptable to date a person shorter than yourself. The lesson here is that next time you get asked out on a hot date by someone who is shorter than you say yes!

The tallest female celebrities in sports

Being tall will most certainly have its advantages when playing some sports so it’s been a blessing to some of the celebrities that have carved a career path in this direction.

Basketball is one of the biggest sports in the world and is becoming more popular in recent years with the fairer sex. With women getting taller over the generations it seems fitting that the average female basketball player is nearly always at least 6ft tall in America. The average height of a female in America is around 5ft 4in so you could say there is quite a big difference between the two.

 Sports played by tall females usually include basketball, volleyball, high jump, pole vault, hurdles and long jump are just a few sports that some of the tallest female celebrities have carved an amazing career out of.

You would mainly think of a male basketball player as being tall, you would not always know that some female basketball players are equally as tall if not taller. Some female basketball players are actually on record as being taller than a lot of males, standing at incredible heights.

This list below shows exactly how tall some of the world’s most famous female celebrity basketball players are:

  • . Zheng Haixia 6ft8.5in
  • . Maria Stepanova 6ft 8in
  • . Brittney Griner 6ft 8in
  • .Katharen Mattera 6ft7.5in


 It isn’t just female celebrities that are getting taller. As a society females have got taller over generations,and the average height has definitely changed over time. You will probably see this when you are trying on clothes.

It is recorded that the average height for a female is 5ft3in/5, so if you are above this height are you classed as being tall? According to collective studies being 5ft9in is tall for a female. With most people not growing any more once they turn 18.

With a lot of our female celebrities above this height now this is now something you will see more often than not. When opening your next fashion magazine or reading the latest celebrity blog you follow, you will probably actually know the height of your favorite female celebrity.

Being tall has its advantages, especially when it comes to dating according to some sources men find this attractive for many reasons. The main one that is said to stand out the most is that females who are Tall come across as stronger, less dependent, and the fact they simply have beautiful long legs 

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The Truth About Famous Ladies And Their Long Legs 
As a society females have got taller over generations,and the average height has definitely changed over time.
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