The Top 5 Beaches in Turks and Caicos


The Turks and Caicos are a small archipelago of coral cays just south of the Bahamas. The islands are renowned for their amazing beaches and crystal-clear waters, so if you have a vacation planned there this year, you have an abundance of amazing experiences to look forward to.

Why are the Beaches at the Turks and Caicos so Amazing?

If you’ve ever stayed in St. Barts villas, you’ll be well aware of how beautiful some of the beaches in the Caribbean are. Did you know that Turks and Caicos’ Grace Bay Beach is often voted the #1 Most Beautiful Beach in the Caribbean? The sand there is made from powdered coral and shells, so it’s sugar-white and super soft underfoot. The water is also incredible: it’s blue, turquoise, and every shade in between. Your Instagram account will be on fire after you post your vacation photos!

The best beaches on Turks and Caicos are on Providenciales, which is where many of the resorts and luxury Turks and Caicos villas are located.

Grace Bay Beach

The most famous beach on Turks and Caicos is Grace Bay.  You will find this glorious stretch of sand on the north of Providenciales. It’s protected by a coral reef, so the water is calm and safe for younger children. As you might expect, this is where the main resorts are located. You won’t need to fight for space, because the beach stretches across twelve miles of the north shore.

Long Bay Beach

For anyone keen to try water sports, Long Bay Beach is the place to be. Like Grace Bay, Long Bay is also on Providenciales. The water off the beach is shallow way out into the bay, so it’s safe for children. Thanks to brisk trade winds that whip off the water, the beach is popular with kite surfers and kiteboarders. There are plenty of equipment rental places nearby, and if you need a few lessons, check out some of the local instructors.

Taylor Beach

Providenciales’ Taylor Bay is more remote than the aforementioned beaches, but its just as beautiful. This is the place to go if you want a quiet, relaxing day. This beach is on the less-crowded southern part of the island. If you head out here, make sure you pack plenty of water and snacks, as there are no facilities. The beach is also known as Sunset Bay for good reason- expect vibrant watercolors in the every night you’re there.

The Bight Beach

The Bight Beach is to the west of Grace Bay. It’s nicely protected from the trade winds, so on a hot day, it can be blistering. You can wade out into the water and still only be knee-deep several hundred feet out from the beach. If you walk to the end of Bight Bay Beach, you’ll end up on Grace Bay, as the two are next to each other.

Pelican Beach

Lastly, Pelican Beach is on North Caicos Island. It’s fairly remote, but well worth the effort if you travel there. Limestone particles in the water create gorgeous hues of turquoise, and there’s great snorkeling near here.

The beaches on Turks and Caicos are the main draw for many travelers. Book your trip today and find out what they are raving about!

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