The Popularuty of Vaping: Latest Challenges


Do People Smoke and Vape More?

The issue of vaping is quite relevant today, especially after introducing a ban on the sale of certain types of electronic cigarettes in the United States. In general, the relationship between Donald Trump and e-cigarettes has been often covered in the press during his years in power. Firstly, D. Trump announced possible bans, and then denied this information. So what do we have today? Are e-cigarettes still popular in the United States and the world? What harm do they do to people and society in general, if any?

The World Health Organisation has reported a significant decline in the number of smokers in the world. In total, the number of smokers decreased by about a billion. However, since these statistics do not contain vaping data, such positive tendencies are not an advantage. The number of people using vape pens is growing at an incredible rate. If in 2011 only seven million people consumed vape pens, today, more than forty-one million people are involved in this activity. According to statistical companies, the number of vapers is expected to grow by 13.5% next year.

Vaping World Market
In this way, humanity increases its health risks. However, about this later. At present, it is important to note that such growth of vape pens’ consumers is due to marketing strategies. Large corporations selling e-cigarettes, e liquids, and various vaping tools aim to increase their capital by entering new markets. Advertising with the proposal to choose “the best e-cigarette” is gaining momentum in China or the United States and Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. The result of this is, for sure, a dramatic increase in sales and new ideas for technological advancements.

As the vape market increases, so does the amount of income. As a result, e-cigarette market estimates have almost tripled in the last five years. Incredible growth, isn’t it? Today, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom are the largest markets, with half of the world’s total earnings on vaping. According to statistical companies, Germany, China, Canada, and Poland are next on the list. To understand the extent of vaping, you need to compare the population and territory of, say, the United Kingdom (second in the ranking) and, say, Russia, which ranks ninth in this ranking.

The US War on E-Cigs
As for the United States, the news is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the final stages of suspending sales of flavored e liquids, which will undoubtedly hit the industry’s profits. A little help for those who do not know. The FDA’s decision was caused by a number of deaths and illnesses in various states caused by the consumption of vape pens. According to official figures, six people died, and 450 were diagnosed with lung disease caused by electronic cigarettes. A series of studies have also shown that even the best e-cig is not safe enough to consume.

Latest Vaping Trends
The latest fashion trends in vaping show that open e-cigarette systems are more popular than closed ones. The essence is the type of tank used in the electronic cigarette. Closed systems provide ready-made cartridges for refilling, which are installed in such a way that interacts directly with the battery. Open systems work in quite the opposite way. The user must fill the clearomizer with e-liquid.

Statistics show that until 2019, users preferred closed systems, but in 2020 we can clearly see that this trend has changed. According to the latest estimates of the vaping market, users will spend about $ 10 million on vape pens with open systems, while the cost of VAPE with closed systems will be about $ 30 million. An interesting question remains, which of these systems are the best e-cigs? The answer lies in the individual approach and users’ own preferences.

It is interesting that the vaping industry has occupied the niche of manufacturing and the niche of product sales. Therefore, to be part of this industry, you do not have to make vape pens directly, but you can also create space to sell them to the customers. The so-called vape stores or vape cafes have gained incredible popularity in a short period. Ernst & Young recently published their study, according to which most VAPERS bought their devices in specialty stores.

It is noted that this trend is because the product is comparatively new to the market. A vape pen does not have a century-old history, so people want to know more and expect the appropriate attitude from sales consultants. They are more likely to ask for advice, consider more options to buy, and, ultimately, experiment with their activities. These factors create a convenient space for brand promotion, product advertising, and marketing strategies implementation.

On the other hand, experienced users prefer online shopping. There are also several reasons for this. First, ordering online is fast, convenient, usually anonymous, and often cheaper than buying in stationery stores. Secondly, such users already know trustworthy verified sellers, and they are only interested in the presence of a particular brand and model in the store. In online shops, this moment is better established. Third, social stereotypes work. Not everyone wants others to see him near the vape shop.

Vape Pen’s Safety
Security is a vital issue for any industry. The vaping industry is no exception. When it comes to vaping, people are usually concerned about the health effects of e-cigarettes. They are trying to understand why even the best electronic cigarette can cause lung disease, heart disease, worsen asthma, threaten the proper functioning of the reproductive systemб and reduce fertility in both women and men. All these issues are covered in various independent, private, and public research by multiple research institutes worldwide. Many articles on these topics can be found on the Internet in free access.

However, another threat of a vape pen is that it is an electrical device. That is, the device works with electricity, respectively, it can explode or be electrocuted. A vape pen can also cause a short circuit or be damaged by it, which can cause a fire in your house. Therefore, it should be stated that a vape pen is not a toy. One needs to control himself to use this device because once you have bought the device, you have taken the responsibility of its functioning in this world. It is important to consider all of these safety precautions before purchasing a device, and if you are not ready to follow the rules, it is better to avoid buying such a device.

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The Popularuty of Vaving: Latest Challenges
The issue of vaping is quite relevant today, especially after introducing a ban on the sale of certain types of electronic cigarettes in the United States.
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