The Need to Visit a Doctor after a Car Accident


When a person goes through something as traumatic as a car accident they are likely to be very shaken up, even if the car accident isn’t a very serious one. Often people tend to get into issues such as exchanging insurance information, dealing with the police etc. Although you may seem fine but that could just be your adrenaline rush acting as a natural painkiller and masking your pain.


People who had been unfortunate to be involved in a car accident say often you don’t feel much during the first shock, but when they wake up the next day they said it feels like they have just been hit by a truck. Often car accident injuries can take up to several hours or even days to manifest hence it is prudent and also advised by professionals to visit a car accident clinic right after your accident.


Let us look at some of the more common injuries that might not manifest right away.

1.     Whiplash

Perhaps one of the most common injuries caused by car accidents is Whiplash. Whiplash occurs when your neck is suddenly forced forward and then quickly flips back to its original place. The severity of this injury can differ from person to person and it also depends on the severity of the accident but it can be truly bothersome. Injuries related to whiplash can put a considerable amount of pressure on your spinal cord and cause head and neck pain as well. But if you visit car accident clinic immediately after your accident you will be able to receive an emergency X-Ray which will remove any doubt of latent injuries that might surface later on.

2.     Injuries to the soft tissue of the body

Most internal injuries are often very difficult to diagnose and detect as they are not as obvious as other injuries or might not be as extreme or painful to cause any issues. However soft tissue injuries such as torn muscles or damage occurred to the tendons and ligaments of the body can be tremendously serious and cause further health issues if left untreated. Luckily for you such soft tissue injuries can be easily diagnosed with the help of x rays and other test so you would do well by seeking medical attention and care immediately after the accident.

Other soft tissue injuries can also include brain trauma, internal bleeding etc.

3.     Concussions or similar issues

A concussion is most likely to occur if your head is suddenly displaced and comes back with a quick snap, other jerking movements or the fact that your head is hit on impact. Because of the actuality that car accidents can be inherently disorienting and overwhelming, most people will take the following symptoms for granted and not seek instant medical attention.

However if you feel the following symptoms visit a car accident clinic immediately.

·       Dizziness

·       Nausea

·       Seeing stars

·       Complain of headaches

·       Hear a constant ringing in your ears

·       Have trouble keeping awake

·       Can’t walk properly or have balance issues

·       Feel confused or dazed

4.     Injuries related to the back and neck

One of the most familiar kinds of injuries as a consequence of car accidents is back and neck injuries. Some of the more common back and neck injuries that result because of car accidents can include sprains, fractures, spinal disc dislocations, and other spine injuries etc. Often people will go home after an accident without seeking medical attention, thinking they are just feeling “sore” and a good night’s sleep will make them feel better. But don’t make that mistake, sometimes it can just be feeling sore but other times it can be something much severe. So it is always advisable to get an expert’s opinion to make sure there is nothing troublesome to worry about. For some patients visiting a chiropractor after a first diagnosis will also help deal with the pain and issues encountered as a result of injuries related to the back and neck.

5.     Filing insurance claims

Another main reason to see a doctor immediately after a car accident include but not limited to the fact that most insurance companies will consider your claim if it is made within 72 hours of the accident occurring, which means you have 72 hours to visit a doctor and file any claims or you will be facing some significant reductions in your insurance compensation.

Some of the general healing methods that are in use for handling injuries to car accidents include (but are not limited to)

·       Neck and spine adjustments

·       Muscle stimulation

·       Taping for therapeutic purposes

·       Acupuncture

·       Bracing of limbs

·       Various types of injections

·       Steroid treatments

·       Drug prescriptions to heal deal with the pain or aid with recovery


After a shocking event like a car accident it is common to feel disoriented, also you are likely to running on adrenaline and not feel any pain immediately. But regardless of the severity of your accident visiting a doctor is absolutely essential. A doctor will help diagnose any undermining injury, look for broken bones. Run an X ray and other necessary tests. While you might blame your feeling dizzy on the impact it can also be due to an internal bleeding inside your brain. Ignoring your pain will only make your injuries worse and without immediate medical attention they will take longer to heal.

Furthermore, visiting a doctor right after the accident will be proof that you took action to deal with your injuries. Such details are essential when you have to deal with filing insurance claims.

It is also prudent to review all the records and claims put in by the doctors or other medical authorities. If you are not up to it, make your attendant or loved one check them out.

Another important thing to do is to exchange insurance information with other parties involved in the accident, take pictures for legal purposes and avoid discussing who’s at fault, rather wait for the concerned authorities to arrive at the accident scene.

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The Need to Visit a Doctor after a Car Accident
When a person goes through something as traumatic as a car accident they are likely to be very shaken up, even if the car accident isn’t a very serious one.
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