The Impact of Social Media On Relationships


In recent years, social media has had a tremendous impact on various aspects of the way we live, but nowhere has this been more obvious than the advent of the dating service. The ability to communicate instantly, within the parameters of your choice, with individuals in any geographic location, has revolutionized how we date. Those good old days of bumping into complete strangers in bars and thinking of appropriate chat-up lines, or arranging to meet blind dates at some designated spot, now seem positively archaic.

Social media allows you to share photographs on Instagram, upload your CV to LinkedIn, join in group discussions about your hobbies on Facebook, or even tweet your favorite popstar via your Twitter account. But when it comes to the impact it has had on relationships, which areas are most affected?


There was a time when meeting someone new involved a lot of groundwork. You had to spend time choosing an appropriate outfit, then spend a fair amount of money heading out to social settings – typically, bars – in your quest for someone suitable for a relationship. With the advent of dating websites and apps, all you have to do is create an account then log in and begin browsing through the personals, as if you’re selecting items from the menu of your favorite takeaway outlet.

You can find out so much about a prospective partner without leaving your home. All the information you could possibly require can be tapped into via your web browser. If you’d like to get acquainted with someone who has interested you, there are often options for a web chat. In fact, should you happen to fall for someone on a dating website who lives further afield in your own country, or in some remote location, you can quite easily establish a meaningful relationship without actually meeting in person.

This latter aspect really has made the most of social media’s ability to cross cultural boundaries. Previously people who were looking for potential dates were restricted to a narrow pool of possibilities – singles local to themselves who attended the same bars or clubs. With the advent of social media and global dating sites, many users now embrace the excitement of reaching out to people in different countries.

Seeing a bigger picture

When meeting a potential partner in one of the traditional locations, there is only so much background information you can glean from a conversation, especially when this is conducted against a backdrop of noisy music. Going online allows you to build up a much more rounded picture of a potential partner.

Because a lot of individuals have several strings to their bow when it comes to social media, exchanging messages with someone new on a dating site is just one way of finding out more about them. Once you know their name and location and have checked out their profile photo and description, you can uncover so many more interesting details by appraising their Facebook profile or Instagram posts. Immediately you can suss out their hobbies and interests, and whether or not they have an interesting looking bunch of family and friends.

The downside

Unfortunately, social media can also be a double-headed sword. Sure, it represents an extremely convenient way of touching base, especially when you are reaching out to other singles who may be looking for a date. On the other hand, the ubiquitous nature of this form of communication can prove irresistible. When individuals do meet up for dates, their phone is often at arm’s length. It will only be a matter of time before they’re distracted by the latest Snapchat or Facebook post.

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