The Game Of Browsers: Why You Should Refuse Google Chrome FOREVER


Or reasons You Should Refuse Google Chrome FOREVER

The war of browsers is similar to the mobile platforms confrontation. It also has a strong one (Firefox), a stylish one (Opera), the one “just for them” (Safari), and one who are all laughing at, but still use for some reason (Internet Explorer). Also there is a kind of informal leader – Chrome. For a long time, users sincerely admired his speed, laconism and grace. But as often happens with rising stars, something went wrong.

The Next Web writer Owen Williams explained why he’s ready to breakup with Google’s browser forever.

Reason 1 – It became a memory hog, unstable and a major drain on battery life

“Most Chrome users can relate to this: you have a bunch of important tabs open, your laptop’s fans start to sound like a rocket taking off, your computer slows to a crawl, and finally it crashes, losing everything”, – he wrotes.

“f you pop open your task manager right now, you’ll undoubtedly see a huge list of Chrome-related processes working away. Google Chrome Helper, one that supports browser plugins like Google Hangouts or Adobe Flash, is notorious for runaway resource usage.”


Reason 2 – It’s not getting better

There are some number of typical problems many users face with. Among them are crashing tabs, high CPU usage, memory leaks, general instability, and system lockups. Despite many complaints it seems that developers don’t pay attention and still everything stays the same.

Reason 3 – We can do better

“The problem is that the Web is now optimized for Chrome users and that means alternatives often provide a terrible experience” – writes Owen Williams.

“I’ve always loved Chrome’s interface, its plethora of extensions, and how it integrates with services every day, but it’s time for something new.”

If you feel the same way – it’s high time to try something new or at least move to well-known alternatives like Firefox, Safari or Opera. In case you’re ready for experiments you’re welcome to explore such unknown browsers as Vivaldi, Maxthon, Torch and many others.

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