The Effects of the Internet on Children Today


The internet is everywhere! It’s a recent phenomenon that in a short time has drastically transformed our lives. Like it or not, children and the internet go hand-in-hand and play a massive role in their growth and development. The use of the internet brings with it some pros and cons to a child’s growth and development. Many of the children may at one point interact with the internet unsupervised which makes them susceptible to anything. Parental control apps such as FamiSafe are great in filtering content and are equipped with a locationtracker that keeps a tab on the exact location of your child at all times. Below is a highlight of some effects of the internet on a child today; 



  • Physical effects


The physical impacts of internet use on children are as clear as day. As with other sedentary activities as watching the TV, overuse of the internet can be harmful to a child’s health. The more they use smart devices, the less they engage in physical activities. The problem with this is that the time spent online is usually coupled with snacking therefore substituting any balanced diet. The more time children spend on the screen, most of the time on the couch, the less time they have playing with other children outside. Lack of running around and burning calories may lead to significant weight gain over time. It’s a day state of affair to report an increase in obesity among children in this day and time. 

To prevent the increase of obesity in children, parents should encourage more offline activities. There should be a balance in the quality and quantity of the time spent online. FamiSafe parental control is the most reliable control app that comes in handy to parents who want to manage screen time. The app provides complete control of your children’s smart devices. This is done by setting several filters such as website filters, app blocker, activity records and daily phone activity.


  • Social effects


The internet is a double-edged sword that one needs to use with caution. On one end, technology facilitates virtual connection with their family and provides a media where they can easily share messages, photos and videos. Playing games online has become a new fad and the internet has enabled children to compete with other children from all over the world. Spending time online is not bad at all, it’s spending too much time on the issue. It weakens the bond between families and can make it difficult for children to physically make friends in the ‘real’ world. 


  • Psychological effects


The psychological effects of the internet on children is heavily debated. Children often stumble on harmful things while on the net such as cyberbullies, phishing, viruses just to name a few. Most adults know how to avoid these tell-tell signs while children may fall prey to these activities. Studies show that prolonged use of the internet can have a psychological disorder in children. Parents may notice a sudden change in the behaviour of their children as they feel more isolated, lonely and unable to establish lasting social relationships. Right monitoring of your children is recommended to ensure they’ll not access malicious sites or fall prey to cybercrimes.


  • Academic effects


Typically, when parents hear about kids and the internet, the conversation turns to the dangers involved but this should not be the case. There are plenty of pros that the internet affords to children from learning, online research, communication, making new friends and finding help. For families who cannot be together for one reason or another, they can use the internet to stay closer than ever before. Children who are interested in a particular subject can find loads of materials and ways to practise online. The internet is a great way to foster creativity and innovation.

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The effects of the internet on children today
The internet is everywhere! It’s a recent phenomenon that in a short time has drastically transformed our lives.
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