The Complete Guide For Beginners: How To Use Franking Machine?


Running a business is never easy, and it entails going through quite a few challenges, the biggest of which is saving and making money. The latter tends to be a bit less complicated, though, because what is the point of having a company if you don’t have a plan on how to generate profit? Saving money, on the other hand, is a whole new ballgame. You find that there are a million different expenses and bills, and trying to find ways to save up can be overwhelming. Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to save money is through your company mail, by using a franking machine. It helps you minimize postage costs, save employees’ time and, in turn, wages, and do a host of other functions. Here is how you can start using one. 

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Learn about the postage rates
In addition to being quite useful and practical, franking machines get your discount with postage rates as post offices prefer dealing with franked mail since it is much easier and faster to process. So, they offer discounts that could go as high as 30%. Still, you need to check postage rates before operating your franking machine every time, although it does come with an automatic update option to adjust for new rates, it never hurts to check.

Sort your mail
Now that you know the rates, it is time to sort your mail next in preparation for having it franked and sent. There are different formats that can be processed in a franking machine –– letter, large letter, and parcel. As you can see on, there are different options when it comes to franking machines and their processing speed and capacities. Depending on the size of the mail your company usually sends out, you will need to pick out a machine that is suitable for your needs in terms of speed and capacity. It is very important to properly categorize your outgoing mail to avoid any errors in the franking process, and that means also sorting by destination, too, not just the format of the mail.



Weighing the mail
One of the biggest perks of franking machines and a direct way in which they help your business save money is how they get accurate weight readings. Without one of these machines, a lot of companies just put rough estimates as to the weight of the mail, which often entails paying additional costs for the extra weight that isn’t there. So, your next step is to weigh your mail properly, which is easier than ever with franking machines as they have digital scales, which means the weight will be automatically inputted.

Establish a cost center
Another very important feature you get with franking machines is the ability to manage and track expenditures. This will help you learn how much money your mail is costing you, and you will be better able to control those expenses. You can do that by setting up a cost center which is built in the franking machine, and how you can do that will be explained in the user’s manual that comes with it. You will obviously have to set up a password, which is actually great because you get to control who uses the machines to avoid having any employees using the franking machine to send personal mail. You should know, though, that the cost center option doesn’t necessarily come with all franking machines, so it is worth asking if it is available before making a new purchase.

Additional options
While most people use franking machines to save on postage costs and simplify the mail handling process altogether, franking machines are actually also great for marketing and branding purposes. In case you didn’t know this, you can select your company logo or even a slogan to be used as your franking mark, which is a great way to convey a professional image for your brand. And it does make quite an impact on people who receive franked mail with your logo or whatever unique mark you choose. So, the last step you need to take before sending out your franked mail is to choose or set up this unique sign, and then you will be good to go.

After all that, all that is left is feeding your mail to the machine, and it takes care of things from there. You pick up your letters up from the other side, franked and ready to be shipped. As you can see, franking machines have a lot of potential benefits for your business, from cost savings to branding and marketing, so it is definitely a worthy investment to consider. However, make sure to pick the right one best suited for your needs. Read up on reviews if necessary, as this will be a way to save money, you would not want to waste money by picking the wrong one.

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The Complete Guide For Beginners: How To Use Franking Machine?
Running a business is never easy, and it entails going through quite a few challenges, the biggest of which is saving and making money.

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