The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2019


Dry Herb vaporizers are efficient and cost-effective. Choosing among the dozens ofexisting dry herb vaporizers is now quite complex. Prices, features, design, portability differ for each device, as well as the final quality of the product that does not necessarily translate brand marketing ads. That’s why today we offer you our list of the best portable dry herb vaporizers of 2019.

The chosen vaporizers have been tested by us and have a higher vaporization quality than others. No matter which one you choose among these 5 very good vaporizers, you will not be disappointed.

How does a dry herb vaporizer work?

A herbal vaporizer is a pretty simple device that includes:

1. A battery to power the system Resistance for heating, powered by the battery

2. A thermostat to adjust the heating temperature

3. A room, often made of ceramic, glass, metal, where you deposit your substance and where the vaporization process takes shape.

4. An exit to recover the smoke generated. The smoke can be recovered in different ways depending on the type of vaporizer you have.

As far as portable dry herb vaporizers are concerned, for us the most important criteria are:

1. Manufacturing quality

2. The quality of steam

3. Ease of use.

The vaporizers should not be overheat, the same for steam. And the device should be easy to use.

Mighty Vaporizer

For starters, the Mighty vaporizer is powerful. In addition to a quality guarantee, this device has the best features available on a portable vaporizer.
The Mighty vaporizer was launched in 2015 at the same time as the Crafty vaporizer. It’s the first portable vaporizer from the Storz and Bickel brand. It guarantees you a top notch quality steam. It is made in Germany from the best materials. We are far from ‘Made in China’ with little or no attention to detail. The Mighty vaporizer was designed for medical purposes and was the first vaporizer to be recognized as such, dubbed the ‘Mighty Medic’. It is, therefore, possible for you to get a discount if you are patient, especially in Canada. It depends on the seller’s regulations and medical coverage.

Yocan Vaporizer

This vaporizer is portable with a stylish and sleek look. Itsdimensions are 125.55 mm in height and 19 mm in diameter, that fits easily in the palm of your hand. Experience a clean and smooth vapor stealthily way. The best features of Yocan Evolve-D Plus includes a long-lasting battery 1100mAh battery, dual coil, 10-second automatic shut off, huge heating chamber, built-in storage jar, and functional mouthpiece. It is the upgraded version of the Yocan Evolve-D. Now, you can vape more by simply pressing the mouthpiece down, and the ash is cleaned without a hassle when pushed out. This feature promotes flavor-rich and effective vaporization, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. With its dual-coil spiral atomizer in 12 wraps of a coil, the heating process is faster and the vapor production is stronger. Because of its extra large heating chamber, you can put more of your favorite dry herb that creates fuller clouds and unique flavors. It means no constantly reloading your device. You can bring an extra stash with Yocan Evolve-D Plus because it has a built-in storage jar so you can refill anytime or anywhere. Just twist the storage jar and then reload. The continuous 15-second heat feature makes this unit a perfect device for every dry herb vaporizer user. Evolve-D comes in different color options to best suit your personality and lifestyle, including black, silver, blue, blue, red, and orange.

DaVinci IQ

DaVinci has created a new intelligent vaporizer, the DaVinci IQ Already known for its beautiful and high-quality products like the DaVinci Ascent, for example, DaVinci sells the IQ with a mobile application designed by experts. In addition to producing excellent steam, the vaporizer has a screen with 51 LED lights. So expect to be blown away when you see this device with your own eyes.
There are many portable vaporizers from companies that claim to offer an economical way to vaping while expressing your personality. DaVinci follows this. When DaVinci released its original design (and, later, the much-loved Davinci Ascent), it was praised and considered a promising newcomer to the world of portable dry herb vaporizers. It has now become one of the best vaporizers on the market. The same goes for the new DaVinci IQ. Weighing only 145 grams, it is small enough to slip everywhere. In addition to offering more power, the DaVinci IQ is designed to work smarter than intensely. The DaVinci IQ application can be used to control all of the device’s features and the screen is made up of a set of LED lights that takes minimalism to the extreme.

PAX 3 Vaporizer

Originally PAX revolutionized the vaporizer market. Then PAX 2 continued this evolution and today the PAX 3 is reaching heights of perfection. It has everything you liked about the pax 2 in an improved version. The PAX 2 is still on the market and sells well, but PAX has modernized its favorite by offering a PAX 3 more competitive than ever.
The PAX 3 is the youngest of the PAX. While the first two models PAX and PAX 2 were already unanimous, the engineers worked on an improved version of this bestseller. The result exceeds all expectations in terms of qualities, and in this price range, it is one of the best vaporizers on the market. And of course, it retains all the qualities of the original model so acclaimed. However, some modifications will satisfy new and old fans alike.

Yocan Explore Vaporizer

The Yocan Explore is both compatible with wax and dry herb. The heating chamber is made of 100% ceramic for an evenly heated dry herb that results in a perfect taste. The ceramic heating chambers of Explore are made from medical-grade components so they’ll never rub on the material and preserves its unique qualities that keep the vapor pure and clean. It’s also designed with precise temperature control that ranges from 200 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. You can easily view your current battery level and temperature with the LED display. With the intelligent memory technology, the battery of Explore remembers the last set temperature so you don’t need to manually choose your most desired temperature every time you are outdoors and you simply want to take quickdraws. The 5-minute automatic shut off preserves the battery and ensures safety against overheating. The 2600mAh capacity of Explore is near twice the power of Yocan Evolve Plus XL, thus producing massive clouds of vapor with fast heating and flavorful hits. It is immensely powerful and very convenient to use.

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