The Best Brooklyn Tattoo Shop For Talent and Atmosphere


Because of the increase in popularity of tattoos, there has also been a massive boom in tattoo shops and people setting up as tattoo artists. While this means greater choice for the customer, it also means it’s harder to find a good tattooist that you can trust and feel safe with.


How do you find the best Brooklyn Tattoo Shop? There are a few things you should check out before you make your choice, so let’s have a look at those! Tattoos are definitely ‘in’ right now, and that’s with both men and women. It’s seen as fashionable to have a tattoo, even if it’s a simple and discreet one, and many people are having them simply because they want them. A lot are in places that will not be on public show and are there for private reasons. For example, it’s becoming popular to have a tattoo as a memorial to a late friend or family member.

Find an Established Tattooist

The first thing you should look for is how long the tattoo shop you choose has been in business. The good shops – those that offer the right level of service and are trusted – stay open, while lesser stores will not last long. Ask those in the shop about how long they’ve been in the business, too, and you’ll find they are all too happy to talk. Tattooists are artists, and they like to chat about their art. You can tell a good tattoo shop by the way it is presented, and the welcome you get when you walk through the door.

Check for Cleanliness

Any good tattooist will be eager to keep his or her station and shop clean. The health risks involved in getting a tattoo are slim, but in an environment that is not clean and sterile, you don’t want somebody piercing your skin! Every tattooist puts health and safety at the top of their priorities, so make sure you give the shop a good look over before you commit.

Ask for Examples

You want to see actual tattoos that the artist has created, even if it’s just in photograph form. A good tattoo artist will be able to create some quite wonderful artworks, and will be only too happy to display their talent for you. You’ll also find that when you mention wanting a tattoo, and the word gets around, the talented and reputable tattooists will be readily recommended to you – check out those recommendations.

Fun and Relaxed Atmosphere

Getting a tattoo should not be like going to the dentist! Getting a tattoo should be an enjoyable and unique experience and one in which you can indulge in banter and chat with the people in the shop. It’s a fact that very few people have only one tattoo, so the artist wants to keep you happy so you come back for more. You’ll know when you step into a friendly, welcoming tattoo parlor that it’s the one for you; it’s just one of those things.

Open to Suggestions

Most tattooists will have a stock of great illustrations that you can choose from, but a good tattooist will be willing to take a look at your own designs and tell you if they can do what you want, or create a bespoke design that you can approve. Individualism is one aspect of tattoos that everybody loves. Finding the right Brooklyn Tattoo Shop is easy if you follow the above tips, so start by asking around your friends and colleagues and get some suggestions on board, and then enjoy your new tattoo, whatever it may be!

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The Best Brooklyn Tattoo Shop For Talent and Atmosphere
Because of the increase in popularity of tattoos, there has also been a massive boom in tattoo shops and people setting up as tattoo artists.
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