The Basic Fundamentals of Archery


Of all the different skills you could learn, archery has got to be the most exciting. Forget golf, knitting, or cooking. Archery will let you explore a whole new side of yourself that you didn’t even know existed. You most likely saw people hitting targets before and assumed it was quite easy. It is all pull and release, right? It takes holding that bow for the first time to understand just how much discipline, finesse, and skill it takes to masterfully wield it. The good news is, anyone can learn it, but it sure isn’t easy.



These are the basic fundamentals of archery that you need to know.

Getting the arrows
You can’t go pick up the first arrows you come across, because they simply might not work with the bow you got. Each bow applies a certain pressure on the arrows, and if the latter is too weak to handle the force applied to them, they will simply snap. So, remember to always check the arrows which will have their maximum allowable pressure specified on them.

Finding the right bow
An archer is as good as the bow they are wielding. You don’t need an Olympic-level one –– yes, archery is an Olympic sport. But you need a decent one to help you get the hang of things and progress efficiently. As you can see on, you will most likely be choosing from a longbow and recurve bows, which are your best options at first. The latter are the ones used in most official sporting contests, and they are known for their limb structure and a signature recurve away from the archer. On the other hand, longbows are the oldest known kind really, and they have been around for centuries. It’s the bow made out of a single piece of wood, and it’s been used by Native Americans a long time ago.

You have those two options to choose from, and you need to read about the pros and cons of each, and which would work best for you. After that, shop around for a bit and read reviews until you finally find one that you like.

Working on your stance



Your gear aside, archery is all about stance. Your feet need to be shoulder-width apart and they need to be positioned at just the right angle. You can’t be leaning too far forward or backward, and you have to maintain a steady stance while shooting the arrows. There are different stances that you could try, and it will all come down to your personal preference and the tips you get, which brings us to the next point.

Get professional help
Sure, you could pick up a bow and arrow and start practicing on targets at home, but that won’t get you really far. If you are serious about this, you will need to enlist some professional help so you could improve your level rather quickly. They don’t need to be gold medalists or something, just a person who knows what they are talking about and can give you useful advice to help you develop your skills. Expert insight will help you work on your stance, grip, and overall control of the bow.

Now that we’ve mentioned it, the grip is an essential part of your entire archery experience. It is the contact point between you and the bow, and it has to be proper because it significantly affects accuracy. Your grip needs to be steady and seamless, with as little torque as possible imparted. Your knuckles need to be at a 45 degree with the bow, and your hand needs to be relaxed and applying no pressure on the bow so you could get higher accuracy.

You are holding a weapon in your hand, so you need to be very concerned with safety. Make sure no one is around you, humans or pets, and if they are, they need to stand well behind you when you are shooting your bow so no one would get hurt.

At the end of the day, you’re practicing to shoot targets, which means you need to work on your aim. You can do that by adjusting the bow to your anchor point, which is the point on your face when you draw the bowstring backwards with your hand for each shot. It needs to be steady, and make sure there is a contact point for improved accuracy.

Learning archery is quite entertaining and rewarding, but it will take time and a lot of practice. Don’t set unrealistic expectations, and give yourself enough time to grow and improve, because you will with enough effort and dedication.

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The Basic Fundamentals of Archery
Of all the different skills you could learn, archery has got to be the most exciting. Forget golf, knitting, or cooking.

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