The 4 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind When Remodeling Your Kitchen


What is a kitchen remodel? What does it consist of? Do you, as the homeowner, get to go shopping for elegant sinks, sturdy tables and chairs, and beautifully crafted cabinets? Do you get to have fun picking out the countertop design pattern, and the bright lighting fixtures, and the appliances that will go in their designated areas?


Well, if we’re being honest with you, yes; you do get to pick out all that interesting stuff. However, we should warn you that the process is not all fun and games.

Which brings us to the main point we have here: What are the most important things to remember when you’re planning your kitchen remodel?

If we had to answer that question truthfully, we’d say the following list pretty much sums it up:
1. Work out what your budget will allow you to do in the remodel
2. Take a look at your current kitchen layout
3. Think about whether an addition to the kitchen is worth it or not
4. Figure out your appliance and lighting situations right away

Now, let’s take each important pointer and look at them a little closer.

What will your budget allow you to do?
You need to be realistic when you’re planning for a kitchen remodel – in that, we mean that you should probably lean towards a more conservative budget. Think about it this way: If you have a conservative budget, and you need to break that number and go a little bit higher with your planned costs, you’ll technically have enough extra money to cover what you need to have covered.

Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of hidden costs involved in a kitchen remodel. Think about the hours of labor you’re paying for. Think about the materials you need to purchase. Think about the added taxes, and the costs for shipping or delivery.

Remember, you don’t want to start the project and then never finish it.

While you’re throwing the numbers together, try to do some research on kitchen renovations. See what you like and what you don’t like. The little things, like granite and quartzite countertop costs can add up which you can see here, so try to come up with an approximate estimation of costs. Ask advice from a friendly realtor if you have to; just make sure you plan as much as you possibly can.

Tip: You can look into financing options or the possibility of a home equity loan. Don’t lose hope if you’re running low on funds.

What does your current kitchen layout look like?
Keeping your current layout is not a bad idea if you’re trying to cut costs every which way – you can still renovate the cabinets, the countertops, and the furniture in the room.

However, if you’re looking to rework the layout altogether, you should be aware of a few things before committing to the complex project.

Some of the following are little factors to keep in mind:
• If you do rework the layout, there’s a possibility that the major systems in the kitchen may also have to be reworked. That means the gas, plumbing, and electricity may need to be altered.
• If you do rework the layout, you may want to rearrange the three main appliances in the room (or keep them right where they are, if they already have this shape to them). The sink, refrigerator, and stove are all used the most – which is probably why expert renovators and designers recommend keeping them in a triangular pattern for easier access.
• If you do rework the layout, remember that the floor plan should consider how many people will be in the kitchen at a given time. How many people will be cooking at the same time? Will you need more than one workstation? Is an island add-on necessary? You know, things like that.

Do you want an addition in your kitchen?
Sometimes, the big thought process behind a kitchen remodel revolves around a newly added addition – so consider this when you’re working out your budget and mapping out your layout.

Do you need more space? Could you save some money be adjoining two rooms close together? Would this proposal work? If yes, then you must consider paying extra for demolition and dumpster rental Exton for the waste disposal service which will easily cost you thousand of dollars.

Really think about it. If you have a nearby laundry room, pantry, or bathroom, it’s easy to steal square footage from these rooms and not take much away from them. Merging is fun, and then you’ll technically have another mini remodel on your hands. But hey, if the budget allows, go with the flow.

What appliances do you want to install? What lighting systems are you looking at?
Appliances are a necessity. And no, we don’t mean the microwave, toaster oven, and can opener. Instead, we mean the dishwasher, the hood, and the cooktops.

If you’re planning to add these appliances to your kitchen, make sure you give them enough breathing room; some appliances need more room than others for construction purposes. For instance, the hood needs some extra room in order to ventilate properly.

Some add-ons may require electricians or plumbers to come and get the job done, so make sure your budget allows for that, too.

As for lighting, you’ll want to be aware of what you’re looking to install in the kitchen. Great lighting plans can make or break the room.

Try installing larger doors and windows to maximize outside and natural lighting. Then, use layers, such as recessed lighting, LED lighting, pendant lighting, and hey, even a chandelier above the dining table. Mix it up.

Tip: Put dimmer switches on all the lighting fixtures in the room, that way you can choose the brightness at any point and time.

Another Tip: Install some mini lights in your cabinets if they have glass door fronts; it will add an extra oomph to the room.

Everything else in your kitchen remodel can come with time and experimentation (technically speaking). For instance, you’ll want to try out the cabinet colors and the countertop surfaces before completely committing and installing them in your new kitchen.

So, once you have your budget planned, your layout mapped, your addition determined, and your big stuff (appliances & lighting) figured out, the rest will be fairly easy. Just try not to stress out about all the little things too much.

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The 4 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind When Remodeling Your Kitchen

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