Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas You Should Avoid


As Thanksgiving is coming, everybody starts to think over decorating ideas. Well, be careful, as Nexter found hilarious Thanksgiving fails you should avoid.

1. Have no idea how to decorate your Thanksgiving table? Problem solved:

This year, as the holiday hasn’t even come yet, seems that Ivanka Trump has already made everybody discussing her Thanksgiving table decoration idea. She posted on Twitter a photo of a table setup designed by Allison Domonoske.

People commented it looks like a giant clam filled with moss and didn’t understood the design concept.

2. Pinterest offers another high-fashioned solution for Thanksgiving decorating – and sorry, but it looks really creepy.



3. That’s great that celebs don’t hesitate to cook themselves, especially their fans are grateful for sharing funny kitchen fails. See, they are not perfect as well.

On tomorrow’s menu…pumpkin failure a la mode. #thanksgivingfail #sad #nodessert #smokedetector #ineedanewoven

Допис, поширений Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) Лис 25, 2015 о 3:51 PST

4. What could be better than a family cooking of holiday dishes? Well, only a family extinguishing the fire.

5. Children are the eternal source of laugh-getters, especially when it comes to crafts. Here’s a great example of childish creativity – Turkey Apple that seems to be tired or even drunk.


Source: Courtesy Of A Tale Of Two K Teachers

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