Neo-Noir “Terminal” 2018: Do You Want to Follow Margot Robbie Down the Rabbit Hole?


“Terminal” 2018 is an upcoming neo-noir movie starring both as an actress and producer.  

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What’s that about?

Terminal (2018) is an upcoming black comedy film directed by Vaughn Stein and scheduled for May 11. The movie feature such actors and actresses as , Simon Pegg, and Mike Myers.

The plot is pretty dark: two assassins get on a mission and meet a woman, Annie, portrayed by Robbie, and that’s when all the troubles begin.




Vaughn Stein is known for his work on Yussef Is Complicated (2015), World War Z (2013) and Sherlock Holmes (2009). “Terminal” is going to be his debut, which he has written and directed.

Prior to that, he was the director’s assistant on the set of several famous films: Harry Potter, and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

The film is produced by David Barron, Molly Hassell, Arianne Fraser, and .

The pic taken from Stein’s short movie,  Yussef Is Complicated (2015): 


Source: IMDb

Neo-noir features

The synopsis of the picture says that the main characters will go on a mission that will force them to face a lot of strange people, for instance, a mentally ill teacher, a mysterious janitor, extraordinary waitress who has a double life.

On top of a cake, we have a mysterious criminal case full of secrets and surprises.


Source: YouTube


Academy Award-nominated drama I, Tonya,  is completely new in this film and this transformation is just wonderful.

Also, she’s known for the role of Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad” and Jane Porter in “The Legend of Tarzan.”

The other members of the cast are awesome too: Simon Pegg (“Hot Fuzz”, “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”), Dexter Fletcher (“Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, “Eddie the Eagle”), Max Irons (“Dorian Gray,” “The Host”) and Mike Myers (“Wayne’s World,” “Inglourious Basterds”).



On March 28, the first teaser trailer was released. You can watch it below: 

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Neo-Noir "Terminal" 2018: Do You Want to Follow Margot Robbie Down the Rabbit Hole?
Neo-Noir "Terminal" 2018: Do You Want to Follow Margot Robbie Down the Rabbit Hole?
"Terminal" 2018 is an upcoming neo-noir movie starring Margot Robbie both as an actress and producer.

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