Teeth Whitening Methods Used By Celebrities


Celebrities are always trying to take better care of their physical looks; it is very rare to find a celebrity that has imperfections in their outer appearance, such as yellow teeth, except if they are playing a specific role. Have you ever wondered how they get their teeth to look so white all the time? It does not matter whether they are on the red carpet or taken by surprise, their teeth look great no matter what. Here are some of the methods celebrities use to whiten their teeth.


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1- Teeth Whitening Kits
Just like any regular person, celebrities buy teeth whitening kits that they can use at home. Teeth-whitening kits range in prices, but don’t worry, they are not exclusive to just celebrities. You can get your very own kit from a drugstore near you or online. A new and upcoming kit that has been the talk of the town between celebrities has been the snow teeth whitening kit, which claims to make your teeth as white as snow after being used. There have been various reviews online about it so you can easily check if it is what you are looking for in a teeth whitening kit.

2- Professional Whitening
Many celebrities out there have dentists that they trust to brighten their teeth. There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to getting your teeth whitened professionally. One advantage is trusting that a professional dentist will know what they are doing. Having performed many procedures they are experts when it comes to getting results and ensuring the whitest smile possible. A disadvantage, however, is the high price tag that comes along with it. Dentists are generally expensive when going for regular check-ups, so imagine the price you’d be paying to get a cosmetic procedure and maintain the level of whiteness that has been achieved.


Source: pixabay.com

3- Whitening Toothpaste
After getting their teeth professionally whitened, celebrities have to maintain the state of their teeth by using special products to prolong their results. Try using a whitening toothpaste that will make it possible for you to get the desired results and keep your teeth white for a longer time. If you decide to follow this celebrity lead and choose this method, be careful of your toothpaste choice because some whitening toothpaste is not meant to be used regularly due to their chemical composition.

4- Avoiding Dark-Colored Food/Beverages
Who doesn’t love their choice of caffeine? Whether you drink soda, coffee, or tea, you probably do not know that these beverages have a negative effect on your teeth. It is not just the sugar present in these drinks that make them bad for your teeth; due to their dark colors, they actually stain your teeth which will ruin any whitening effect you may have. Another method celebrities use to avoid stained teeth is using straws to drink their dark-colored beverages. Celebrities also eat foods such as cauliflower which has a brightening effect on the teeth.

5- Brushing and Flossing Teeth Regularly
Whether they get their teeth professionally whitened or they use a home kit, celebrities still have to make sure to take proper care of their teeth if they want them to remain as white as they are. One avid flosser is Dylan Mcdermott and he believes that, “ You gotta have it [floss] with you at all times.”This method also works to brighten your teeth without professional help because it removes any plaque formed on the enamel of the teeth and prevents tooth decay.

6- Oil Swishing
Although there haven’t been many scientific studies to effectively back it up, various celebrities have sworn by this method to get their teeth whitened. All you need is coconut oil.  Many people usually use coconut oil as a mouth gargle and swish it around their mouth for a total of twenty minutes daily. The oil and the swishing motion can brighten teeth and remove any plaque on them. A celeb that uses this technique is Gwyneth Paltrow and she had lots to say about the benefits of coconut oil. In fact, she said “It’s supposed to be great for your oral health and make your teeth white. It’s supposed to clear up your skin as well”.  Basically, it is a two-for-one deal.

7- Camouflage
Even if you have ultra-white teeth, you will sometimes feel like they are a bit yellow when wearing reds and oranges. Celebrities have also faced that and some take steps to camouflage the color of their teeth by wearing colors opposite to yellow to cancel it out. Just like when someone color-corrects the redness of a pimple, you can now color-correct the yellow tinge of teeth to be extra white by wearing purples and dark blues.

Celebrities are known to use these seven tips interchangeably to get their desired look. You too can start using them to have amazing looking teeth with or without the help of a professional. Try all of them out and you might find a couple that you can include in your routine to ensure that your teeth remain bright, shiny, white and clean.

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Teeth Whitening Methods Used By Celebrities
Celebrities are always trying to take better care of their physical looks; it is very rare to find a celebrity that has imperfections in their outer appearance, such as yellow teeth, except if they are playing a specific role.

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