Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” Finally Out: All Facts


Taylor Swift is climbing higher mountains and pleases us with the new album “Reputation”. Nexter decided to track all the obstacles she had to overcome on her long way to worldwide recognition.

New Album “Reputation”

The release was scheduled for today, November 10. Some of the fans have already taken a look at the new songs and left pretty much positive comments:

The LP features 15 unique songs, including hot 100 chart winner “Look What You Made Me Do”, “New Year’s Day”, “End Game”– collaborative track with Ed Sheeran and Future.

“Reputation” is available both on iTunes and Spotify, however, Taylor decided not to show up the album on the streaming services for an entire week after the release.

Spotify Boycott


Source: billboard.com

In November 2014, the singer deleted all her music from Spotify. She announced the streaming services reduce the number the sales of albums and disrespect the work of musicians. Taylor Swift decided to return to Spotify on the eve of the release of Katy Perry’s new album “Witness“.

The singers had an argument because of the fact that Katy Perry was trying to take away Taylor Swift’s backup dancers. According to the rumors, Swift decided to outshine the release of new Perry’s album with his loud return.

Scandals with Apple


Source: cdn1.tekrevue.com

Previously, Apple promised to pay musicians for streaming their works in the new music streaming service Apple Music in response to Taylor Swift’s demand.

Swift was outraged because of Apple Music’s refusal to pay musicians for streaming their songs. Thus, she wrote in her blog that her ‘1989’ album would not be available on iTunes.

Appealing to her fans, Taylor Swift also wrote that she was not acting like a little child, but was encouraging to respect her and other artists’ work.

In response to Taylor Swift’s complaint, Apple’s representative promised that the company would pay the musician for a three-month period free trial.

Kardashian-West family


Source: etonline.com

Taylor Swift introduced “Look What You Made Me Do” on MTV Video Music Awards – the place where Kanye West tried to take away her award and give it to Beyoncé.

This music video is some kind of revenge for Kardashian-West multiple insults towards Taylor Swift. The ongoing conflict begins when Kim calls Swift a snake and her fans reply with countless snake emojis under Taylor’s posts.

The parody of this situation can be observed in the video: Taylor is sitting on a throne and is surrounded by the snakes, who are crawling under her feet and are serving her tea.

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