Ink FAILS: Pete Davidson Covers Up Ariana Grande Tattoo + 6 More Celebs Who Made Ridiculous Tattoo Mistakes!


For those who want a tattoo, made a list of the most ridiculous tattoo mistakes to save you from common failures! 

Pete Davidson

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were once engaged, but then they broke up and started making the headlines almost every day.

Before their relationship, the singer had a tattoo “mille tendresse” – French for “a thousand tendernesses,” inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

After the couple engaged, Davidson got the same one. So, the break up happened and he decided to get it covered with the word “CURSED”, according to tattoo artist Jon Mesa’s Instagram.

So, here’s Pete Davidson tattoo cover up:

Also, Pete got a new tattoo – Tootsie Pop owl.

Ariana Grande

Pop star Ariana Grande made a supremely embarrassing mistake on Tuesday when she unveiled a new tattoo that she thought meant one thing, but instead, it meant something else entirely different.


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Grande, whose latest single “7 Rings” recently became her second No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, got a tattoo using Japanese Kanji symbols in honor of her song.

Those two characters separately really mean “seven” and “ring”, but when combined their meaning is actually a small charcoal grill used for BBQ.

Just days after this fails, Grande posted a new video of her tattoo with the spelling corrected.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp made a tattoo “Winona forever” when he was dating with Winona Ryder, but after their split-up, he had to change it to “Wino forever.”



The first mistake taught him nothing, and after marrying Amber Heard he made a tattoo “SLIM” on his knuckles, but after their divorce changed it to “SCUM.”



Kanye West

Kanye West announced that he’d had famous designer Gosha Rubchinskiy make a tattoo for him. Specifically, the name of Kanye’s child.

But, wait a second, isn’t this font available on Turns out Kanye’s designer neck tattoo is just a font copy and pasted off the internet and made a few changes.


David Beckham

In 2000, David Beckham had wife Victoria Beckham’s name mispelled in Sanskrit on his arm: “Vihctoria.”




Rihanna got “rebelle fleur” in French tattooed on her neck, but the adjective was put before the noun and it translated to “flower rebel.” However, she later explained that it was intention to tattoo two nouns.

In 2009, the word “forgiveness” was misspelled in Sanskrit.



Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco made a wedding date tattoo on the back of her neck, but after a divorce, she covered the date with a moth picture.



Kevin Durant

“Mature” appears to be written “mautre.”  Well, it happens.



A woman from Sweden had to change her 5-year-old son’s name from Kevin to Kelvin, because of a tattoo mistake she even didn’t notice at first!


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Ink FAILS: Ariana Grande Viral Tattoo Fail + 5 More Celebs Who Made Ridiculous Tattoo Mistakes!
Article Name
Ink FAILS: Ariana Grande Viral Tattoo Fail + 5 More Who Made Ridiculous Tattoo Mistakes!
For those who want a tattoo, made a list of the most ridiculous tattoo mistakes to save you from common failures! See top who once made funny tattoos.

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