These 6 Supercats to Land Human Jobs Easier Than YOU


Ever heard of a cat to run for a university Rector? Well, Buttons was destined to become the University of Aberdeen Rector but wasn’t even listed as the candidate!

A group of students has been dissatisfied with the ongoing Rector election. So, they started campaigning for the best candidate – Buttons the cat.

Source: HeraldScotland

The cat’s candidacy has been positively received by the student community. 200+ students engaged with the Facebook page and 300+ signed the petition to support Buttons.

Despite Buttons’ candidacy has been rejected, the student committee doesn’t intend to stop supporting the cat. And not only students!

Irvine Welsh himself, the author of Trainspotting has tweeted in support of Buttons!

Another famous cat, Bitches, known for running for US presidency, has also shown support for Buttons.

The cat family has been vocal about Buttons’ candidacy dismissal tweeting they won’t be considering the University of Aberdeen as an educational facility of choice.

All jokes aside, Buttons’ nomination demonstrates that students want positive change and improvement in their university life.

The Aberdeen cat is not the only cat that got a job to do apart from purring and meowing. Check out 5 famous cats that rock their jobs even better than humans!

#1 Grumpy Cat

Being an American Instagram cat is hard! Still, Grumpy Cat whose real name is Tardar Sauce, with 2.4M followers does the job well.

The female feline gained recognition after the picture of her was published on Reddit. After that, she became the subject of a popular internet meme. Users made cynical lolcats (cat macros) from photographs of her.

The main reason for Grumpy Cat’s popularity is her unusual appearance, namely the underbite, and feline dwarfism. See, fame isn’t for cute cats only!

Source: @realgrumpycat

#2 Tama, the Stationmaster

Cat Tama was appointed the station master of the Kishi train station near Wakayama City, Japan, in 2007. She and her two assistant cats, Miiko and Chibi, literally saved the train station from financial ruin.

Tourists would visit the train station only to sneak a peek of Tama wearing her railway uniform of a hat and collar. Soon after Tama’s appointment, the station got a cat-themed cafe.

She was 16 years old when died of a heart failure in June 2015. The Kisi stationmaster earned a status of Shinto goddess posthumously.

After death, Tama was replaced in office by Nitama, who beat all other candidates for the stationmaster’s position.

Source: Telegraph

#3 Kuzya, the assistant librarian

In 2013, a stray cat wandered into a children’s library in Novorossiysk, Russia. Soon after he received a documented promotion to become an assistant librarian.

His official wage consisted of 30 packs of Whiskas a month, accompanied by other treats like fish filets.

While on duty, Kuzya would wear a bow tie to project intelligence as befitted his position.

Aside from his librarian duties, Kuzya played the role of “Pushkin the Cat Scientist” in theatrical plays for kids. And, he even had his moment of glory in a news segment on Russian TV!

Source: MHPbooks

#4 Stubbs, the mayor cat

Stubbs was famous for being the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 16 years. During his time in office, the cat survived a series of assassination attempts.

First, teenagers shot him in the bum with a BB gun, then a neighborhood dog attack.

After Stubbs had resigned from the office, he continued living a lush life. Being a cat mayor lets you drink water out of a wine glass coated with catnip.

After Stubbs’ success, other cats got inspired to run for the office!

Source: Mentalfloss

#5 Larry, the chief mouser

Larry used to be employed as the chief mouser by the British government. He lived in the residence of Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street. Like most politicians, he sustained severe criticism.

He would often sleep on the job and spend time with a neighboring lady cat. He killed a total of one mouse, then was dismissed for his bad job performance.


Source: Mentalfloss

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6 Supercats to Land Human Jobs Easier Than YOU
6 Supercats to Land Human Jobs Easier Than YOU
Ever heard of a cat to run for a university Rector? Well, Buttons was destined to become the University of Aberdeen Rector but wasn’t even listed as the candidate!
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