‘Suits’ Finale: Last Chance to See Meghan Markle As an Actress – Don’t Miss Royal Wedding Rehearsal!


Meghan Markle, an actor and the fiance of , made her final appearance as Rachel Zane in TV-series ‘Suits’. She will marry at Windsor Castle in England on May 19.

Source: Vogue Australia

Grand finale

2-hour Season 7 finale of Suits was aired on Wednesday. It was some kind of a very special goodbye to Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle, who had the leading roles in the TV-show. Their characters Mike Ross and Rachel Zane get new jobs in Seattle and get married at the end of the episode.

Moreover, Korsh hints to Deadline that we probably will learn some new details about Mike and Rachel in the upcoming episodes, ‘Suits doesn’t forget about people that have been on the show. Even minor characters we sometimes mention and refer to repeatedly over the years, like Lola Jensen who we only saw once, or whoever it may be.

‘So there’s no doubt that the absence of Mike and Rachel will be played and referred to and talked about. Just think about Rachel — Robert Zane is her father, right? Obviously, our characters will be aware of their absence and we will try to have them talk about them as they would in real life.’

Also, season 7 finale is an opening pilot for the upcoming spinoff of ‘Suits’ featuring Gina Torres as Jessica Pierce. The creator of the TV-series, Aaron Korsh mentioned a few details about the new series and ‘Suits crossovers.

Patrick J. Adams who portrayed Mike Ross in ‘Suits’ expressed his feelings about the last episode and the end of the whole series:

It’s a sad and exciting moment at the same time for the fans of ‘Suits’ and actors.

and Meghan Markle will marry on May 19, 2018, at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.


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Meghan Markle, an actor and the fiance of Prince Harry, made her final appearance as Rachel Zane in TV-series 'Suits'. She will marry Prince Harry at Windsor Castle in England on May 19.

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