Steps to Buying an Above Ground Pool


It is always fun to sit in the backyard sipping your favorite drink. It is even more fun sitting in the yard to watch the little ones play in the pool. How about joining in to share in their fun? It should be the best experience and a good memory. An above-ground pool in the backyard is one gift you should not deny your home.  Many people have strengthened their family ties around the pool.  We will leave it to you to imagine how much fun you can get around the pool. 


For this piece, we will be taking you through the steps of buying an above ground pool.

The legal part

The first step to buying an above the ground pool should always be the consideration of the legality of installing the pool in your home. In some localities you will not be allowed to install a pool in your home and therefore buying one would be a waste of time and resources. This information can be obtained from the local homeowners association. Some local laws control the distance from your house to the pool among other things and considering this doesn’t just make you a law-abiding citizen, it also enhances your safety and that of others.

The selection

Selection is a core step when buying an above the ground pool, to make a suitable choice for this kind of pool you will need to consider several aspects of the pool. Here we will only list the most dominant features that you need to consider. Shape and size – Above the ground pools are normally available in either circular or oval shape. It is known that while circular pools are less expensive they hold a higher capacity of water. They may also require you to use more chemicals for sanitation. The size of the pool, in this case, refers to both the depth and the capacity held. You should make consideration of the depth depending on who the users of the pool will be. Frame material – Some frame materials are considered to be better than others. Pool frames are generally made from steel, resin, or a hybrid of the two. While steel is less expensive, it may corrode and oxidize fast when exposed to sunlight and water for long. Resin, on the other hand, is expensive but durable.


When you have already selected a pool that suits your needs, it is now time to look at some of the accessories that compliment your pool and make it comfortable and fun to use. While some accessories may not be necessary, they are important for their individual use.Here are some of the accessories that you may need:

  • Pool liner

A pool liner generally increases the useful life of your pool by protecting the floor and the sides from corrosion. There are four main types of pool liners that you can buy for your pool. These are – Overlap pool liners, Beaded pool liners, and J-hook pool liners. If you intend to create a deep end in your pool, you should consider buying an expandable liner since it can stretch to fit your pool and you won’t need to buy a bigger liner.

  • Water Pump and filter system

The pump and the filter system is one of the critical parts of your pool. This system keeps your pool water clean and fresh by maintaining its circulation and filtration.

Sanitation and Cleaning

Having fresh and clean water is not enough, you will need to be sure that the pool water is free of bacteria and other contaminants. You can choose to sanitize your pool by using either chlorine, salt, or mineral packs readily available in stores. A pool cleaner, on the other hand, will come handy when you have debris and leaves that cannot be removed by the filter system.

Entry and exit

To complete a nice bathing experience, you will need a way to get in and out of the pool. A ladder is especially, useful when different people; both kids and adults will be using the pool.

Techniques/Tips to Improve

While we have tried to give you general information on how to go buying an above the ground pool, we know a lot of people do it differently.

People make different considerations and here are some other things you may have to consider:

  • Size of your yard – the size of your yard can limit you to only buy an oval-shaped pool.
  • The environment – you do not want your pool to be littered with leaves and as such, you should place your pool at least 12 inches away from trees and shades.

Correcting Common Problems

Can I use the pool without a water pump? 

You should not. A water pump keeps the water in circulation making sure it remains fresh all the time. It also helps in reducing the growth of algae and multiplication of bacteria and you should replace your pump as soon as possible.

Should I drain the pool when I will not use it for long?

No, you should not completely drain the pool as it can get damaged by hydrostatic pressure. Instead of draining the pool, you should winterize it following the necessary steps.

Analysis of best practices in the industry

Here are some of the best practices with people buying above the ground pool.

  • Consider the size of your yard before buying
  • Make sure the homeowners association in your area will allow you to install the pool
  • When buying an above the ground pool, consider buying essential accessories
  • Do your research on what fits your requirement to avoid buying “just anything”

Tools You Can Use

  • The internet is the number one source of information on any topic you may want to look for.
  • Read online reviews for products before making a decision on which to buy.
  • When you have the pool you may want to get pool lights and a heating system.
  • Your discretion is key.
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Steps to Buying an Above Ground Pool
It is always fun to sit in the backyard sipping your favorite drink. It is even more fun sitting in the yard to watch the little ones play in the pool.
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