Stay Comfy and Stylish! A Quick Guide on What to Wear with Leggings


Are you in love with how comfortable leggings are but have trouble styling them? Here is a helpful guide on what to wear with leggings.


People often think that leggings are not fashionable enough to pull off a variety of looks. But those individuals aren’t correct — and in fact, leggings have become one of the most versatile articles of clothing in the industry. The truth is that while leggings can be a great foundation for creating the perfect outfit, there are certain pieces that they can be paired with to execute the look the best. If you’re wondering what to wear with leggings, keep reading for a quick guide to help you feel runway ready.

Loose-Fit Blouse & Sandals
The sun is shining, there’s a warm breeze, and you’re wondering what to wear with leggings. Well, combining them with a loose-fitting blouse and some cute sandals is one of the best routes to go. You can choose any blouse, but to make the outfit more feminine and flirty, amp it up with a selection that includes dainty elements, such as ruffles or flared sleeves.

Halter Top & Canvas Sneakers
Thinking about creating a sporty look but don’t know what to wear with leggings? A halter top and canvas sneakers give you just the right amount of tomboy style while still preserving a ‘girlish’ feel. The leggings would go well with anything from an off-shoulder shirt to a full halter crop-top. The shoe and top choices are the perfect balance of different worlds. Add a cute over-the-shoulder fanny pack to complete the look.

Bralette & High Heels
For a sassy night on the town, you won’t go wrong with a bralette top and high heeled shoes. This is definitely a more mature look that gives off sexy confidence. This outfit tends to pair very well with leather leggings to add an even more elegant touch. If you go for a studded or glittery bralette, you can skip out on flashy jewelry.

Oversized Sweater & Ankle Boots
When the fall seasons roll around, clothing seems to fit looser and get bulkier. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t make a lovely outfit. Oversized sweaters are amazing for giving a little charm to your comfy attire. Pair some nice ankle boots with this type of top if you’re wondering what to wear with leggings when the weather starts to cool down.

Sleeveless Print Top & Platforms
Ready to feel like a rockstar? Well, this is definitely the outfit for you. Wear your leggings with a sleeveless shirt and cool platform shoes. Shirts with minimal words but inspiring quotes help to make more of a statement with your fashion. Some chunky bangle bracelets are a great accessory to enhance the outfit without overdoing it.

There are so many different styles of fashion that you might still be wondering what to wear with leggings. The best thing to do is to take some of these elements and combine them with others that you like. This is a great way to find your authentic style. For more tips on style, check out our fashion articles blog section.

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Stay Comfy and Stylish! A Quick Guide on What to Wear with Leggings

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