Stay at Home Laws and Health Craze Pushing Cannabis Users to Switch to Vaporizing


The many uses of cannabis are far greater than the stigma around the plant. As recently as five years ago, when people thought of cannabis users, they thought of munchy loving, slow to react video gamers who stay on the couch all day. But this just simply isn’t the case anymore – people of all ages and from all walks of life are using the plant for its many benefits, and especially during this unprecedented time in recent history, when people are doing the world a favour by staying at home all day. People are looking for something to do, something to substitute the pleasures offered by the world outside their door, and overwhelmingly, the answer is cannabis.


But the fact that you are at home means, for some (arguably most), that you can’t just light up a joint in your living room. We have known that people are moving towards vaporization for a while now, but the numbers are climbing even higher with this pandemic forcing people to stay indoors. Vaporization has significantly less smell, and this is one of the reasons that people are moving towards it while spending their time inside.

The other, and more important reason, is the health craze that has been mounting in recent years. We know that cannabis smoke contains some of the same cancer causing chemicals as cigarette smoke, but unlike cigarette smoking, researchers are not linking cannabis smoke with increased cancer risk, and in fact, some cannabinoids are known to decrease cancer risk.

This is all to do with the act of smoking itself. Combustion, and not cannabis, is the culprit here. When you light something on fire, chemicals are released regardless of what it is that you are lighting on fire. For a long time, this was one of the only ways to consume cannabis, and people were starting to get sick of the adverse effects of smoking, regardless of how much you consumed in a day.

Then vaporizers started hitting the market, and the health conscious stoner emerged – consuming cannabis before exercise and using vaporizers for pain reduction and anxiety. It was a whole new world for medical users, and the vaporization craze did not stop there. It became a lifestyle choice for some, and now, those numbers are still growing.

It’s hard to ignore facts. “People who vaporize report decreased respiratory symptoms” compared to those who smoke weed, according to Marilyn Huestis (to BuzzFeed News), chief of chemistry and drug metabolism at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, who has studied the physiological effects of vaping marijuana.

Let’s fast forward to now, when people are in their homes, worried about smell and health. More and more people are turning towards vaporization as a way to consume their cannabis. Leading vaporizer supplier TVape recently surveyed cannabis vapers on their consumption habits during Covid-19 and found a number of interesting things.

TVape sat down with Theo Zunich, Afzal Hasan, former President and General Consul of Origin House, a Cannabis Investment Group, and Matei Olaru, CEO of Lift & Co, a publicly traded infotech company modernizing the cannabis industry, to discuss the results of the survey in detail, and add their insights to the data. You can find the full video here.

According to the survey, cannabis consumption has steadily increased since the beginning of Covid-19. Hardly a surprise, but the survey noted that afternoon and morning consumption have doubled – and not only that, but vaporizer use is up 30%, having grown the most of any consumption method. Smoking, adversely, has taken a 50% dive since the beginning of quarantine.

It is relatively easy to see why users are making this shift – with more consumption comes an increase in health effects. The best way to mitigate that is to consume all of your cannabis in a less harmful way – vaporizing. TVape’s survey found that the overwhelming majority of people who made the switch from smoking to vaporizing did it for health reasons.

Which makes sense, in today’s day and age, when we’re worried about what we’re putting into our bodies. Matei Olaru expanded on that by saying, “I think it will accelerate things that were already happening, (i.e.) health conscious consumers…smoking’s been in a decline (for awhile now).”

And we are seeing this across a number of platforms and through a number of studies. The conclusions of one study, done by The National Center for Biotechnology Information in the US, are that, “the cannabis vaporizer appears to be an ideal harm reduction approach for safer use”.

Let’s be very clear: we are talking about dry herb vaporizing. There is also oil vaping, a completely different thing with many other associated risk factors. Dry herb vaporizing is taking the actual cannabis plant, grinding it up, putting it into a dry herb vaporizer to cook, then inhaling the vapor. It’s like using an oven over cooking something on the barbeque.

And cannabis has been known to help with symptoms of a variety of different medical conditions, too. Medical users have been around for decades now, and studies have shown that it helps with conditions like seizures, cancer, mental illness, chronic pain, and autism. Another study shows that people who do vaporize reported it to be healthier, better tasting, produced better effects, and overall found it more satisfying.

It is very clear that the wave of health conscious consumers have extended themselves into the cannabis market – where vaporizer companies like TVape have been waiting to gently push the good word of cannabis vaporization onto the masses. Remember, it is combustion, and not anything in cannabis itself, that causes most of the harmful effects on the body.

It is not a risk free alternative, but it is certainly less harmful, and with the public staying home, consuming more cannabis, and worried about smell, definitely an alternative to look into for anyone who is tired of coughing up a lung every time they want to use cannabis.

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Stay at Home Laws and Health Craze Pushing Cannabis Users to Switch to Vaporizing
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