Start Your Career As A Freelance Writer


The average income for a professional writer is $63,200 a year. It is a good career choice if you don’t want to go into an office every day – many freelance writers work from home, choosing hours that suit them. All that you need is a computer or laptop, excellent grammar and spelling, and an eye for detail. There are many different types of writer too, you don’t have to be an investigative journalist. Being a freelance writer can give you a valuable income and give your career a real boost.


Copywriting and content writing

Both copywriting and content writing can be a good way for someone new to the writing industry to get plenty of experience. Copywriting is different from content writing: the primary goal is to bring in sales and leads through marketing. This could be done through writing effective marketing campaigns, emails, sales pages, brochures and social media posts. The purpose of content writing is to generate organic traffic to a website, build a strong brand, and show expertise. You could do this through blogs, articles, ebooks and whitepapers. There is always a demand for both types of writer. You will need to be able to write to a brief and deliver good quality work, often with a short turnaround time.

Find your niche

Many freelance writers find that they are more likely to get work if they focus on a certain niche that they are knowledgeable about. For instance, you might have expertise in music, or fashion that you can offer to websites and magazines. You will need to make sure that you always keep your knowledge up to date and be thorough with your research.

Showcasing your work

No matter what type of writing you want to specialize in, you will need to do some self-promotion as a freelancer. It is worth putting together a good website and keeping a portfolio of work that you can showcase to potential customers. Having a blog is a good way to display examples of your writing. You will also need to work on pitching your services to clients, being able to explain clearly what hiring a professional writer could bring to their business, both in terms of financial benefit and quality.

Becoming a freelance writer can give you control over the hours that you work. It can be a lucrative career that lends itself well to working from home.

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Start Your Career As A Freelance Writer
It is a good career choice if you don’t want to go into an office every day - many freelance writers work from home, choosing hours that suit them.
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