Starbucks Credit Card To Launch In Winter 2017: All We Know



Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson announced the launch of a new credit card during the Starbucks fourth-quarter earnings call. The company plans to present co-branded credit card with Chase and Visa in winter 2017.

More rewards to loyal customers?

As Johnson said in such way the coffee giant “continued investment in our loyalty and technology platforms.” That means Starbucks is going to give even more rewards to the loyal customers just like it works with the Starbucks Rewards program for purchases at the chain and elsewhere.

As there no card details or benefits were proclaimed, some predict it will have some similarities with Starbucks Rewards conditions. As we know due to the program you can reach two status levels – Green and Gold. Green members earn a free birthday reward, the ability to order ahead, free in-store refills, member events and the ability to pay by phone.

Gold status offers all of the benefits as Green does with the addition of monthly double-star days, a personalized gold card and a reward for every 125 stars earned. The aim is to earn stars for each dollar you spend in Starbucks. Thus, to get a Gold status you need to receive 300 stars during the year.

Uber, Starbucks, who is NEXT?

As Nexter previously reported Uber launches their own credit card starting from November 2. Wondering why they do it?

“It gets their name out there. It’s very much a marketing ploy,” said Robert Harrow, a credit card analyst with the consumer research website ValuePenguin. “It’s the same reason why Macy’s or Best Buy (has credit cards). It locks you in. It gets people coming back.”

So, we all eager to know who’ll be the next one to announce their own credit card. And, of course, what card design Starbucks will offer as the company is famous for the unique yearly cups designs as well.

Follow the Nexter’s updates to know more about perks of using Starbucks credit cards.

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