Spiced Tea – How Do You Like Your Tea?


Since time immemorial, tea and spices have been used together. Tea drinkers have always found a way to add flavor and character to their tea, whether white, black, or green, and this only enriches the beverage. We bring you information about the various types of spiced teas, their origin, and a nice flavor profile. For ones who wants to explore more about particular health benefits after reading this article, we recommend to check next guide about healthiest teas in the World.

So, what are spiced teas? These term is used to either mean herbal tea made or spices – or when a certain type of tea is blended with rooibos – or regular tea steeped or boiled with spices. Almost all teas, regardless of their flavor category, come from Camellia Sinensis.

Here are some of the best-known spiced teas

Masala Chai: This delicious spiced tea originated from India, but today it is drunk in several parts of the world. The tea is brewed the normal way you would a cup of any tea, but then the spices are added in the process and brought to boil. A typical masala spice will contain these spices; cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and peppercorns. This blend is not only spicy, but it also brings out a sweet aroma when brewed. You can enjoy masala chai with or without milk, hot, or even iced.

Ginger Tea: If you want to add some flavor and nutrients to your black or even oolong tea, add some fresh or powdered ginger and see how the taste transforms. Originally added to teas in China, these days the herb is popular in any part of the world. Because ginger is spicy, the tea develops a sweet and spicy flavor that makes removes the need for sweeteners. Also, ginger tea is calming and will therefore help you sleep at night.

Mint Tea: Mint is a spicy herb that not only adds flavor but aroma too to its additives. Morocco is probably the best-known country to make this tea popular in other parts of the world. Basically, s boiled mix of fresh mint is added to Gunpowder green tea and enjoyed at any part of the day. You can also add your mint leaves to black or white tea for a better taste.

Ethiopian Spiced Tea: Most people know Ethiopia for its coffee. The country has an impressive coffee culture, but there are tea lovers too who make their beverage from a wide range of herbs. For the perfect brew, Ethiopians add cinnamon, cardamom, orange, and honey to black tea to come up with an aromatic, tasty drink.

Cinnamon Tea: Although this sweet smelling and flavorful herb is infused in black tea to add flavor, it can also be added to oolong and some green teas to improve their flavors. Originally, cinnamon was used in India but now more people have taken it up around the world. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels and improves heart health as long as you use it sparingly.

Russian Spiced Tea: There are many variations of this beverage, but the most common is made of black tea, cloves, cinnamon, orange juice, pineapple juice, and some sugar or preferred sweetener. This drink is quite popular in other parts of the world too other than Russia.

Ancient Spiced Teas: For centuries, people all over the world have made their special blends of tea that combined health benefits with taste. Some of the ingredients used may sound a little off, for instance Tibet and Laos – present-day China – adding onions to their tea. In parts of India, Nepal and Tibet, they still add salt and yak to their tea. Yak, a long-haired domesticated bovid, is quite useful in the Himalayan region.

Basil Tea: this fragrant medicinal plant is used for many purposes, and surprisingly tea-making is one of them. The fresher the basil, the more flavor and aroma you will derive for your tea, and the more beneficial it will be. You will only need to make your tea as usual and then steep the leaves for a great taste.

Berries in your tea: Looking for a new fun way to incorporate berries into your diet? You can throw a few of them in a cup of warm tea and come out with a winner. When strawberries, peaches, raspberries, and/or blueberries come into contact with warm water, they change the flavor and turn into this amazing antioxidant powerhouse. If you don’t have fresh fruit at hand, beery juice will work just fine.

Coconut Oil in Tea: Keto dieters talk about bulletproof coffee that has a dash of coconut oil in it, and the same can be done for tea. How to make a cuppa: make your black or green tea the regular way then add a teaspoonful of coconut oil and blend the mixture. You will get a frothy, filling drink that could be an acquired taste for some.

So Versatile!

Tea is so versatile and so lots of goodies can be added to make it taste even better.

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