Space Kingdom of Asgardia: All You Need To Know About First Space Nation


Our century offers a plenty of opportunities, and becoming a citizen of a “Space Kingdom” Asgardia is among of them. If you’ve never heard about such alternative or have a desire to join world’s first space nation, this article is highly recommended to read.



What’s Asgardia?

Theso-called Space Kingdom of Asgardia is a project created by a wealthy Russian-Azerbaijani industrialist. It’s mission, according to the official constitution is “to ensure the existence and development of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia and the new space humanity.”

In addition, Asgardia has its own a flag and even a first satellite. For the beginning, it’s political regime is constitutional monarchy — a government with a legislative, executive, and judicial branches.



“We have our territory in space,” said Igor Ashurbeyli, the Azerbaijani founder of the Aerospace International Research Center and the self-declared king of Asgardia.

How to become a citizen?

As far for today, are 114,000 people from 204 countries have registered to become citizens of Asgardia, a population drop from 211,000 in June, when voting to determine the details of Asgardian’s constitution began.

In the future the new project plans to gain UN membership. To achieve this, the UN’s Security Council must firstly approve Asgardian’s application to be considered a nation, then two-thirds of members of the General Assembly must vote for its admission.

Why do they need a satellite?

On November 12, Asgardia cemented its presence in outer space by launching the Asgardia-1 satellite.

Actually, Asgardia-1 is a science experiment designed to measure the effects of space radiation on hard drives, and Ashurbeyli paid the Texas-based NanoRacks company to launch it.

The spacecraft is really small, that’s why it’s called a nano satellite, or “nanosat”, for comparison, it is about a size of a loaf of bread.



The cost of such launch remains a secret, but launch prices for similarly small satellites start at $85,000.

Another mission of the nanosat is to hold Asgardian’s data.

“Maybe the photo of your little cat or of your neighbor, of your mother, or a child — whatever comes to your mind, this will be for as long as Asgardia exists. In other words, forever,” Ashurbeyli said during the briefing in Hong Kong.

Citizens’ data will be floating in orbit for 5-18 months and burn out after that.

“Your … data will forever stay in the memory of the new space humanity as they will be reinstalled on every following Asgardia satellite, orbital satellite constellation, not only in the near space but also on the Moon and anywhere in the Universe wherever Asgardia will be,” Ashurbeyli said.



Major critics

A scandal started when members of the project started to upload pirated images, songs, videos, that actually forbidden.

Moreover, many experts criticize the idea of creating space nation, argumenting that having a satellite is not enough for such huge statement.

“A satellite cannot be a territory,” Michael J. Listner of Space Law & Policy Solutions in East Rochester, New Hampshire, told BuzzFeed News. “It has as much legitimacy as the Principality of Sealand,” which a United Nations convention ruled out of bounds for sovereignty in 1994, on the grounds that artificial islands don’t count as territory.


Source: Twitter @AsgardiaSpace

“What’s fascinating is that people used to make territorial claims by walking on islands and planting flags,” exploration historian Michael Robinson of the University of Hartford told BuzzFeed News by email. “Now it seems enough to establish a virtual presence through personal data — as if our avatars were enough to take possession of — of what? — an orbital arc made by a nano-satellite? The next step in our evolution: virtual conquests!”

The global future ambition of the founder and project in general, is also to create habitable platforms in low-earth orbits — the first one located 100 to 200 miles (161 to 321 kilometers) from space, which is also where the ISS is located.

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Space Kingdom of Asgardia: All You Need To Know About First Space Nation
Space Kingdom of Asgardia: All You Need To Know About First Space Nation
Our century offers a plenty of opportunities, and becoming a citizen of a “Space Kingdom” Asgardia is among of them.
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