So You Want To Be A Surrogate Mother? These Are The Risks That You Need To Know Of First


The decision to become a surrogate mother is one that should be made with full awareness. The reasons for deciding to do so vary between people, but the one constant thing in this generous act is that they give couples who are unable to have a baby on their own a chance to become parents. And while more and more celebrities are opting to use surrogate mothers, this shouldn’t be a reason for other mothers to get into it just because it’s perceived to be a fad. There are many risks and responsibilities that would-be surrogate mothers need to consider.


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Those who wish to be surrogate mothers also undergo a number of screening procedures. So, what exactly do you need to consider?

Physiological Implications Of Pregnancy

Whether you’re carrying your own baby or if you’re carrying someone else’s, the physiological implications are the same save for a few differences.

For instance, there’s a higher chance that you could end up carrying multiples in a surrogate pregnancy than a gestational pregnancy. Surrogate mothers also have to strictly follow their medication since the in vitro fertilization is not a guarantee of pregnancy and therefore, extra care needs to be taken.

Emotional Risks

The primary thing to think about here is that you’re going to be carrying a baby for nine months and you won’t be going home with that baby. Surrogacy candidates are required to undergo psychological and social screening in order to ascertain a candidate’s mental and emotional stability.

It’s important for the surrogate mother to avoid developing an attachment to the unborn child.

The emotional risks do not stop there. You not only have to consider how being a surrogate mother is going to affect you, but also how your family is going to be affected. That means abstinence from sexual intercourse, and your spouse may even have to take on additional responsibilities around the house.

Are These Risks Manageable?

Yes. These risks are manageable provided that you consult a doctor that both you and the intended parents of the baby trust. Surrogate mothers are also compensated well, although surrogate mother pay, as significant as it may be, should not be your primary reason for deciding to become a surrogate mother. Your main focus here, should on the fact that you are helping a couple who cannot have a baby on their own, whether it’s because they’re infertile, too busy to have a baby but want one anyway, or because they’re physiologically unable to do so, as is the case with a same-sex marriage.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a surrogate mother should not be viewed as a fad, but rather as a form of help that you provide to other people. One of the most fulfilling experiences in adult life is to be able to become a parent. You are giving a couple a chance to experience the joys of parenthood. This should be the ultimate fact that you hold onto when making this decision.

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