Snap Releases iPhone X Lenses, MIT’s Telepathic Device + 3 More Cool-Tech News You Shouldn’t Miss

1052 gathered fascinating cool tech news, updates, and announcements released during the week. 

Snapchat releases iPhone X lenses

Snap has finally done it! Meet three cool lenses available today for iPhone X users! The lenses are extremely detailed and fit the face perfectly.

The update includes a Mardi Gras-esque mask, a Day of the Dead skull, and a cute gold eye cover. We hope, more to come!

What will be your next step, Instagram?

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Source: Snapchat

Spotify to be listed on NYSE

According to Spotify official website, it became a part of the New York Stock Exchange and listed as the public company.

During the day, the maximum price of shares reached $169, but trades closed at $149, resulting in the company’s value of $26.4 billion. Spotify bypasses not only Twitter but also Snap, Sprint, Dish Network, Viacom, CBS and many others.

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Source: Reuters

Instagram is removed from Apple Watch 

Unfortunately, Instagram is no longer available on Apple Watch. Once you update your watchOS, Instagram will be removed.

“The Instagram app for Apple Watch will no longer be available as a standalone experience once users upgrade to iOS version 39 of Instagram, released on April 2, 2018,” an Instagram representative told The Verge.


Source: Mac Rumors

MIT’s device to hear your thoughts

MIT’s now working on sci-fi device that will be able to hear what you say silently in your head. The scientists have already designed a wearable device that can measure neuromuscular signals that get triggered when you subvocalize.

The device had been already tried on simple tests:  asking for the time, calculating and more.


Source: Lorrie Lejeune/MIT

data scandal hits 87 million people

Now it became known that  data of 87 million people was shared with Cambridge Analytics and used during US elections 2017.

US were hit the hardest: over 70M users’ data was used by the Cambridge Analytics. Australia is also on the list and takes the 10th place. The fact that 300K Australians were implicated has brought a new wave of scandal from the Australian Information Commissioner.

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Description gathered fascinating cool tech news, updates, and announcements released during the week.

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