Smart Devices to Ward off Bugs


Who likes bugs? Definitely no one! So why let them reside in our house? We certainly would not like them intruding in our houses so here are a few smart devices we would recommend you to use, in order to get rid of bugs. These smart devices come with a bug zapper light to help get rid of bugs. Let’s explore these devices in detail.


  1. Hemiua Bug Zapper

Hemiua Bug Zapper is an excellent bug repellent that comes with a 15 Watt bulb. The light from this bulb attracts bugs and when they come near it, they get killed due to 4200 Volt electric shock. The electric grid is protected with ABS housing in order to ensure the safety of human beings and animals by preventing direct contact.

Hemiua bug zapper is 1500 square feet in size. You can place it on any flat surface or even hang it high above the ground. Another amazing feature of this bug zapper is that it has a removable tray that collects waste of bugs. You can remove this tray to clean it and place it back easily.

  1. Liecho Mosquito Killer Lamp

Leicho Mosquito Killer Lamp is a unique bug zapper. The perks of having this bug repellent lie in the comfort of taking it with you while traveling. Yes, you heard it right! Liecho Mosquito Killer Lamp is a portable device that is easy to carry on long distances. It has an LED lamp that traps bugs from three dimensions to protect you from their attack. It is easy to clean, too.

  1. Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

         Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is an efficient bug repeller that comes with its unique feature of the use of three different varieties of waves to kill bugs. It uses bionic waves, ultrasonic waves, and electromagnetic waves to disrupt the control nervous system of bugs and kill them. This bug zapper can be used in three ways. You can either select the green light that emits bionic waves, red light that emits ultrasonic waves, or blue light that emits electromagnetic waves for the minimum to maximum manifestation. The maximum manifestation that is through red waves is audible for human beings and pets too.

  1. Ultrasonic Blue Pest Repeller Portable Plug-in Control

Ultrasonic Blue Pest Repeller Portable Plug-in Control is a portable bug zapper that operates by emitting ultrasounds and vibrations by rotation in order to kill the bugs. It is 1300 square feet in size and guarantees desired results within 3 to 4 weeks of use.

  1. Thermacell Armored Portable Mosquito Repeller

Last but not the least, Thermacell Armored Portable Mosquito Repeller, is a mini bug zapper that can be attached to a belt to prevent bugs from bothering you while you are out for some activity. It uses LED to kill any bugs that attack you. This bug zapper is safe to use and comes with a guarantee of user satisfaction for one whole year.

         So these were a few smart devices to ward off bugs. All these are different from others in one way or another. Choose your favorite one and keep yourself safe from dangerous bugs around you.

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Smart Devices to Ward off Bugs
So these were a few smart devices to ward off bugs. All these are different from others in one way or another.
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