“Slaughtered Like Chickens”: Miss Iraq Shocking Video About 4 ‘Mysterious’ Deaths of Iraqi Female Celebs


Shimaa Qasim, a popular Iraqi female celeb and former Miss Iraq, received death threats after the murder of Tara Fares. 

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Death threats

Miss Iraq, Shimaa Qasim, says she had received death threats (text with the message “you’re next”) just days after was murdered Tara Fares, an Instagram . She added that Iraqi female celebrities might be “slaughtered like chickens”.

Qasim released a shocking video where she told everything about the threats and the murders of four popular and beautiful Iraqi women.


An unnamed Iraqi stylist said to The Daily Star: “The last few days, my daughters and I go out less and I stay away from the fashion world. There are people who don’t want Iraq to develop, or for women to be visible. They want to take us backwards.”

The media also added the words of the founder of the human rights group, the Iraqi al-Amal Association, Hanaa Edwar. She concluded that all the deaths are the “threatening messages sent to activists in particular, but also to the whole of society.

“Attacking women who are public figures is a bid to force them to shut themselves away at home.”

What happened to Tara Fares? 

Source:  Instagram/its.tarafares

In Iraq, a 22-year-old model, Tara Fares, was shot. According to Kurdistan 24, the girl received three bullet wounds while sitting in the car. At the time of the accident, she was in the passenger seat – no one other than her was injured. Fares’ body was taken to Baghdad’s Sheikh Zaid hospital at 5.45 am local time.

The Iraqi Interior Ministry announced an investigation. Tara Fares won the Miss Baghdad contest in 2015. Fares is one of the main celebrities in Iraq. Her Instagram account is followed by 2.6 million people. After the death of the girl, a photo appeared with the caption: “We ask Allah to forgive her and to grant her mercy with her.”

A few months ago the returned to Baghdad. Many of the pictures in her Instagram caused controversy in the comments and condemnation of Muslims, in particular, a photo taken in the car in 2016.

Source: @its.tarafares/Instagram


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Shimaa Qasim, a popular Iraqi female celeb and former Miss Iraq, received death threats after the murder of Tara Fares. 

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