Shocking Story: A Teenage Girl From Britain Wants To Sell Her Virginity For £1M


A 19-year-old girl from Britain wants to sell her virginity for £1million to support her family and pay for the university. made a little research about this and ready to share the info with you.

There is a special website called Cinderella Escorts, which helps girls to have sex for the first time and get from it. And now, Amy (she is not revealing her last name) has a profile there.

Source: Cinderella-escorts

She already had three dates with potential candidates. One of them is a Wall Street Banker, another one is a football player and there’s also a German businessman.

Source: Cinderella-escorts

To prove that Amy really is a virgin she is ready to visit the clinic herself or to bring a doctor to their first meeting.

Source: Cinderella-escorts

She also made a video telling about herself and explaining why she wants to sell her virginity. She says:

“Hello, my name is Amy. I’m 19 years old. I’m from London and I would like to sell my virginity with the help of Cinderella Escort agency.”

“The reasons I want to sell my virginity are because I would love to be able to travel around the world. I would also use the to help fund my studies but most importantly to help support my family.

That’s the main reason I am doing this. I also believe if I do this, that will allow for more opportunities to arise for me in the future.”

The rules for meeting the girl can be found underneath Amy’s profile. According to them, any man who wants to buy this “item” will need to come to Germany where selling sex is legal.

Also, Cinderella Escorts will also take 10% of any made by an escort.

Source: Cinderella-escorts

What do you think about such a decision?


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