Sex Sculptures: Loveland is Another Reason to Visit South Korea


Real-size sex sculptures in the park in South Korea.

Possibly the world’s major kinkiest sex-themed park with Korean nude, the Jeju Loveland that is located on the South Korean island of Jeju is really an exciting place to go to!

The “sex island,” which has since centuries been a well-known as a sex tourist destination for couples and honeymooners gained a lot more international reputation as a Korean erotic hub when it was opened in November of 2004.

Becoming residence to ever-rising themed museums and parks, Jeju island is definitely an exciting place to check out, and none of the parks is probably much more fascinating than Jeju Loveland.

The park, which was the first of its type is full of sculptures, 140 in total (40 inside the gallery and 100 outdoors) all themed on sensuality and eroticism.

The sculptures are graphically erotic in nature, depicting all sorts of sex and also the sexy situation involving humans, animals and both.

That is the creation of 20 artists, the majority of whom are graduates from the best art schools in Hong Kong whose aim was to break the standard taboos that surrounded sex though highlighting the all-natural beauty of sexuality.

Despite getting age restriction, requiring guests to become over the age of 18 years, the Loveland presents a great chance for sex education. It is actually an incredible icebreaker for sex topics.

Information and facts on the Visit Korea website inform guests that there’s a separate playground for children whereas adults are enjoying the park. It may take about an hour to see all the statues in the park.


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Sex sculptures: Loveland is another reason to visit South Korea
Sex sculptures: Loveland is another reason to visit South Korea

Real-size sex sculptures in the park in South Korea.

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