Seven Most Impactful Technologies In The World


The last few decades have seen insane technological developments that are significantly influencing and impacting the lives of millions of people every day. Because of that, we decided to put together a list with the seven most impactful technologies in the world.

The Internet

The internet is undoubtedly one of the most impactful technologies in the world, we are using it every day, and for everything; even you are using the internet to read this article. Without it, our lives would look entirely different, and, I have no idea how we would manage to do so many of our basic daily tasks without it.

We went from having to wait dozens of minutes for a single page to load to now being able to access our favorite pages within seconds; high-internet speed being available to the regular people for cheaper than ever before. The information that can be accessed through the internet just keeps on doubling every couple of years, this network of people and systems growing bigger and bigger.


A computer is but a part of components glued together into a piece of plastic with a beautiful design but, what this rather small device is capable of doing is beyond understanding. If in the beginning computers as big as whole rooms were only able to do a few simple calculations, nowadays, you have computers of the size of your palm doing insanely difficult tasks.

We have all these PCs and laptops that are insanely powerful and able to do some incredible stuff but, what’s more, mesmerizing is the increasing development of the smartphone industry. Now, all you need is a smartphone to do most tasks that you can perform on a PC, and, in the future the smartphones might be capable of replacing most gadgets, allowing you to have a highly powerful and portable all-in-one solution.


This is a technology that we are using on a daily basis to keep in touch with the people that are not in immediate proximity from us. It is a technology, and industry that changed its shape multiple times throughout the history. People went from using non-portable phones with no features besides telecommunication, to later using mobile ones, to now smartphones.

Even if to be able to call somebody you need a paid provider, in the past decade more technologies developed that allow you to communicate through writing and even to call anybody in the world basically for free through the internet, and they ended up impacting the telecommunication industry forever.


Even if it might not look like it at first glance, the gambling industry and the technologies that they are building have a significant impact on the whole world. Gambling is something that dates way back in the time but, because it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry, it surely deserves a place on our top.

Initially, gambling was mostly constituted from card games like Poker and Blackjack but, later, more games got introduced like the Slots that were a massive success. Now, you can play pretty much anything in the online casinos, for your amusement.

Because of all the cheating that happened at the tables, the casinos were some of the first to develop facial recognition devices that are now successfully used in every big casino today.


Even if most of us might overlook the technologies built by the transportation industry, this is an ecosystem that is impacting our lives daily, and it’s also in constant development. Back in the days, only for going small distances you needed a considerable amount of energy and resources, and because of that most people were remaining captive in the place they got born in.

Now, because of all the technological developments from the last century, you can travel for huge distances within hours. Everything is getting faster and faster, cheaper and cheaper, and, who knows, maybe in the future we will be able to travel for free.


The banking industry impacted our lives tremendously even if most might not realize it at first glance. Having a third party to trust with your money is very useful in making transactions and getting business done. Sending money around the world is faster than ever, and it might even happen instantaneously for national transfers.

The banking technologies are in constant development, and many of the banks and the payment solutions are now looking into using the blockchain technology for their business since it requires no trust, and it can be considerably faster. The following years are going to shift the way we use and think about money entirely.


This one is all around us, and even if we do not notice it because we got used to it, mass media is impacting our lives regularly. Having the option of getting information from multiple sources and filtering it as best as you can is very useful, and that’s precisely what mass media has provided to people for decades now.

If until now most options for media in mass were the newspapers, radios and the TVs, now, thanks to the internet more and more people have access to an endless amount of information, that’s sometimes even more valid than the one presented through the traditional sources.


We have witnessed dozens of great technological developments that have impacted and shifted forever the way people live and spend their time, allowing us to have more free time, and lives more comfortable overall. Considering that technology improves at an even more rapid rate than in the past, we are in for an epic ride in the following years, and we can barely imagine what’s about to come.


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