Seven Gift Ideas for that Special Someone


We’ve all been there: someone important in your life has a birthday coming up and after hours of thinking you’re still no closer to a solid gift idea. You want to get them something they’ll want and use, but that they probably wouldn’t get themselves. Finding that sweet spot can definitely be tricky, so check out this list of seven gift ideas that will surely bring mirth to that person of value in your life.


1.  Interesting gift cards.
Gift cards can be a bore if they’re for somewhere like Amazon or Target. At that point, you’re basically just giving your special someone money, and that’s pretty impersonal. Why not get your person a gift card relating to one of their hobbies, or, if they have a unique style, to one of their favorite interesting boutiques?

2. A plant.
Plants are very trendy these days, for some reason, so why not get them one of those? Plants are easy to take care of (at least compared to something like a puppy or human child, for instance). If your friend is very trendy, try getting them some succulents or a monstera plant! Such a gift as this will say, “hey, I see you like plants so I got you a plant!” Very heartwarming.

3. How about something personalized?
These days, there are so many ways to get your special someone special personalized gifts using the Internet. Imagine the look of sheer bliss on your mom’s face when she receives a custom pillow with your face emblazoned on its front? Wow. Now that’s a sight for sore eyes. You could also get a blanket, tote bag, canvas, and all sorts of other things customized! Your imagination is truly the limit.

4. Consumables, consumables, consumables.
Okay, so your boyfriend is really picky about clothes, you don’t know enough about snowboarding to buy him gear for that, and his work schedule is too hectic to buy concert tickets. Why not get him some delicious, nutritious craft beer? Maybe your best friend just can’t be pleased with home décor or apparel, maybe pick her up a luxurious candle and bath bomb? Consumable gifts are a great option for folks whose taste might be hard to gauge when it comes to clothes, books, or hobbies.

5. That said, books are good!
Books can be an amazing gift for someone you love. This one we’ll have to put more on the high risk, high reward end of the spectrum. Books are tough because they are very personal, and you can never be completely sure if a novel you pick up will be exactly to someone’s taste. But don’t let that stop you! Go out on a limb and treat your loved one to an interesting read. If they enjoy it, your bond will grow all the deeper because they’ll always remember that you had the insight to see that they would really like that book!

6. Tickets to somewhere they’ll love.
Experiences can often be worth so much more than objects. If you know that your special someone has a love for animals, why not take them to the zoo for a fun-filled day of animal enjoyment? Or, if you’re girlfriend has been talking non-stop about Disneyland, maybe it’s finally time to take her on that Disney excursion you know she’s been fantasizing about. Sharing a meaningful experience, especially if it’s a gift, can help grow your relationship and bring the two of you closer in a way that a simple object might not be able to. Plus, this can be a gift that keeps on giving – the pictures you take here can later be used to put on a custom mug.


7. A lovely dinner.
In keeping with the experience theme, having a lovely dinner together can be a great gift for someone you love. Maybe your grandma has been wanting to go to a restaurant all her bocce ball friends have been raving about. Take her out for a lovely dinner there! If you have the aptitude, maybe you could even cook that special someone dinner. Try your hand with something easy like spaghetti or tacos!

Gift buying can be fun as long as you have a positive attitude and some solid ideas. Get out there and buy your special someone something they’ll truly remember!

Seven Gift Ideas for that Special Someone
We’ve all been there: someone important in your life has a birthday coming up and after hours of thinking you’re still no closer to a solid gift idea.

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