Selfie Obsession: 5 Times When People Take Photos In Front of a Tragedy for Instagram Likes


Arrogance or stupidy (choose the word by yourself) make tons of people to take selfies in front of tragic scenes. 

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Westminster car crash selfies

Pedestrians have been injured and a suspected driver is in custody after a car crashed into security barriers outside Parliament a few days ago.

There were scenes of panic and chaos as the car crashed at 40mph and injured pedestrians or cyclists lay on the floor in the aftermath, eyewitnesses said.

The tragedy happaned in the heart of London hasn’t stopped self-absorbed people to take selfies.

Source: Buzzfeed

The entire families gathered to take selfies with the help of sticks just 2 hours after the scene happened outside the Houses of Parliament.

Source: Reuters

Lip sync beside the dying grandpa

Yeah, that’s right, you’ve read it correctly – a teen does a – lip sync app – in front of his dying grandpa. The kid shown in the video is then 15-year-old Jonas Bridges, who currently has more than 170k followers on Instagram.

Though the video is probably is the stupidest thing a human being can ever do, he was quite popular on social media before the incident. According to Gizmodo, his bio once read, “My goal is to reach and lift up as many people as possible and let them know how important they are and that God made them beautiful both inside and out.”

Train accident

A Canadian woman was hit by a train in May 2018 when she confused the train door. This tragedy hasn’t stopped a man from taking a selfie near the policemen.

The photo shows the man making a symbol “V for Victory”. “I have seen many crimes and terrifying scenes, but I’m not ready to [see] this,” journalist Giorgio A. Lambri told Global News.

Source: Giorgio A. Lambri / Libertà di Piacenza

Homeless selfies

It’s a common problem when teens or tourists take selfies or pranks with homeless people they found on the street. For instance, this man takes a pic with a homeless woman in China.

Source: AP

Brooklyn Bridge suicide

And the winner of the list is a woman snapped a selfie with a man going to commit suicide on the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. Enjoy human’s stupidity!


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Arrogance or stupidy (choose the word by yourself) make tons of people to take selfies in front of tragic scenes.

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