San Francisco Streets Are Literally So Sh*tty That the City Is Launching a “Poop Patrol” to Clean the Mess


Some San Francisco streets are literally so sh*tty that the city is launching a “Poop Patrol” to clean the mess.

Keep on reading to know what’s going on there.


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Shitty problem

The city of San Francisco has created a new “poop patrol” to clean up its streets because everyone there is really tired of seeing massive amounts of shit all over the sidewalks.

People call the city’s telephone hotline about 65 times a day to report piles of human feces on streets and sidewalks. That adds up to 14,597 calls placed to 311 between January 1 and August 13, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

So, there was no other way than to create “poop patrol” that will include a team of six people using pressure washers and steam cleaners to scrub away the feces, according to San Francisco Public Works spokesperson Rachel Gordon.

The “Poop Patrol” — “I guess that is its official name,” Gordon said — will begin work in September, focusing on areas that have generated high numbers of complaints about sidewalk poop.

“We know that there’s a problem and people want it cleaned up,” Gordon told BuzzFeed News Tuesday.


Source: Lorin Eleni Gill / AP

What causes this?

The poop problem has become a key issue for new Mayor London Breed, who grew up in public housing in San Francisco.

“I will say there are more feces on the sidewalks than I’ve ever seen growing up here,” Breed told NBC in a recent interview. “That is a huge problem, and we are not just talking about from dogs — we’re talking about from humans.”


Source: Jeff Chiu/AP

One of the leading reasons such situation exist as rents and housing prices have soared.

The median two-bedroom rent of $3,090 is more than double the national average of $1,180, and a report earlier this year found that only 12% of families in the city can afford to buy a home there. Because of a variety of factors, including a shortage of affordable housing and shortcomings in the mental-healthcare system, there are more than 7,400 people who are homeless in the city, many without access to restrooms and other necessities.


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San Francisco Streets Are Literally so Shitty That the City Is Launching a "Poop Patrol" to Clean the Mess
San Francisco Streets Are Literally so Shitty That the City Is Launching a "Poop Patrol" to Clean the Mess
Some San Francisco streets are so covered in human feces that the city is launching a "Poop Patrol" to clean the mess.

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