Russian FAILS Before 2018 FIFA World Cup: Nested Dolls Who Suck Whistles, Cockroaches in Policemen Hostels + 2 More Funny Cases


The 2018 World Cup will be the 21st  World Cup and it’s scheduled to take place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018. See how the country prepares to host football teams and their fans.

In short, hilariously. 

Official matreshka souvenir for the 2018 World Cup


Source: Reddit

In Russia, 2018 World Cup souvenir products were produced in the form of nesting dolls (matryoshka dolls) with a whistle in the mouth. The souvenir looks like a girl who allegedly whistles into the referee’s whistle, but the photo of souvenirs became the cause of the multitude of jokes and photoshop manipulations.


Source: Twitter/@rykov

The souvenir can be purchased on the websites of Russian online stores. The name of the souvenir and the price are different. It is called “nested doll, a naughty football fan”, “matryoshka-arbitrator with a whistle”, “matryoshka football player”.

Poor policemen’s dinner 

According to Russia-based media, in social networks published a video from Volgograd with lunch of policemen who arrived to strengthen the protection at the 2018 World Cup. Employees were eating on the street, and some of them, due to poor quality of products, threw bags away.

After it was released, Ministry of Internal Affairs has fired the author of the video, however, this information wasn’t confirmed officially.


The photo above represents what is believed to be the dinner of police officers.

Accommodation and daily duties 

Some of the policemen were placed to live in hostels that are covered in dirt and have unsanitary conditions (lack of water, cockroaches).



They complained there was no possibility to wash their clothes. Also, they’re not allowed to wear the summer uniform for unknown reasons. The police have to patrol the streets for 17-18 hours in shoes and warm clothing.

“Happy citizens” in Rostov-on-Don

“Happy citizens” were drawn on the windows of the emergency shelter. Also on the facade of the building, a banner with the inscription “Welcome. World Cup. Russia 2018” was hung.

The inscription says, “Here they are – the Russians who will replace you. Fabric, printed, not asking unnecessary questions.”

Also, it’s believed that the building is under repair for more than one year and these paintings are the way to hide the shame. Read more about it here.


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The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be the 21st FIFA World Cup and it's scheduled to take place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018. See how the country prepares to host football teams and their fans. In short, hilariously.

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