Rosin Is On The Rise, But What On Earth Is It


Have you heard about rosin yet? If not prepare yourself for this new cannabis product, as it’s quickly becoming the main go-to product on the market when it comes to cannabis consumption. People are talking about it a lot in recent years, and it’s revolutionising cannabis consumption.


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So what is it? Well, rosin is basically the Purest Cannabis Concentrate, think of essential oils and all their goodness but made with cannabis. Its high concentration means a little goes a long way, and it can be made with little effort, either at home using a DIY kit or more recently with a large press in a lab. More and more research about this method is taking place, and the community of people that are sharing a newfound appreciation for rosin is growing quickly

Rosin is believed to have been first found accidentally, quite some time ago, when someone was simply trying to flatten their hash, but a forum user call Compashon really brought this product to the community in 2006 and over time rosin has only grown in popularity. Then in 2015  Phil “Soilgrown” Salazar, known by @soilgrown_solventless, started sharing his efforts of creating his own rosin, by sharing photos, stories and information he found through his own experiments online. He was trying to make better use of his low-quality hash and saw great results, so thought it only fair he shared this discovery with the world. The rest, as they say, is history!

Rosin is made in a similar way to other oils and ‘waxes’ in that the starting product is introduced to heat, plus high pressure, to extract the oil. The ‘starting product’ needs some consideration, of course, since contaminants from the bud of the plant, for example, may change the flavour of the end result at least.

Once the oil has been extracted, it is then moulded and turned into various Rosin products including shatter, budder and taffy. This process can be done at home with one of the many rosin presses available on the market now (or a hair straightener can even be used if that’s your preferred method) and the only danger is the accidental burns to yourself if you’re not careful enough. You can also find small DIY presses on Amazon for a little over £70 that will more than satisfy the needs of someone making small batches of rosin.

The beauty of rosin is that you can create it from buds or low-quality hash and still end up with a highly concentrated product to use, it is easy to use, great value and can be enjoyed in multiple ways, carefully of course.  Since the THCA in Rosin is naturally higher because of the high concentration, this is something to be aware of. However, you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis in a concentrated form, knowing it is solvent-free and safe.

One of the reasons many people are choosing rosin in 2019 is because it is also easier on the lungs, with fewer solvents and the main part of the cannabis extracted you’re receiving a much more pure substance, and many people are choosing rosin because of this.

Rosin in its different forms can be enjoyed in many ways, including vaping, which is super simple, easy to keep clean and saves a lot of time (just make sure the correct temperature is able to be reached). A rig (or oil rig), which even though takes more time to set up and keep clean, can give amazing and fast results. A healthstone, which is designed to work with your bong and can be pretty impressive but you have to be aware that rosin is best taken carefully, especially to the new user so be sensible with this one.

There are other options, and as humans, we will always end up finding a way around difficulties, but the best way to find out what works for you is to experiment, either in the creation of rosin yourself of in the way you’re choosing to burn your rosin.

You’ll find what works for you, but you’ll be glad we pointed this product out to you when you do! Also don’t forget that storing your rosin in an airtight container in a cool and dark place, wrapped in parchment paper is best. Its potency can be affected if you don’t have the correct storage containers, and nobody wants their wonderful rosin going to waste. It really is a great way to enjoy your cannabis.

Oh and don’t confuse resin, rosin and live resin!

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Rosin Is On The Rise, But What On Earth Is It
Have you heard about rosin yet? If not prepare yourself for this new cannabis product, as it’s quickly becoming the main go-to product on the market when it comes to cannabis consumption.

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