Rider Wallet Chain: Hot Or Not?


There is such a category of men who choose wardrobe and accessories no matter what trends rule the fashion industry today. They do not care if others approve their choice or not – they have their own style and a way to express themselves. One of those guys who care for their style and not about people’s opinion are bikers. By and large, their appearance has not changed since the 1950s when the biker movement was born.

They still wear leather jackets, silver jewelry, and chains affixed to their cool-looking wallets. By the way, did you know that bikers, in fact, invented wallet chains the way we know them today? If you also think that a biker wallet with a chain attached to it looks cool, we don’t need to persuade you to add one to your collection. For those of you who doubt that these items are right for you, we have seven strong arguments to purchase a rider wallet chain.

1. It’s durable

Biker accessories feature the same traits as bikers themselves – they are tough, rugged, and hardy. Biker items are constructed out of materials that are impossible (or very difficult) to tear, break, or damage. When it comes to wallets, they are made of genuine leather, most often cowhide. Besides, there are plenty of exotic leather biker billfolds that are even more heavy-duty that cowhide items. Crocodile, alligator, and stingray leathers are the toughest natural materials. As for wallet chains, they are molded of solid metal (steel, brass, silver, etc) and you need to try really hard to break such thing.

2. They are available in many designs

Both wallets and chains are available in so many designs that you would probably spend days going through all possible options. There is no ‘one style fits all’, although simplistic black or brown cowhide bi-folds are popular on the market. If you long for a startling biker wallet with signature symbolism such as a skull, cross, bike, etc. there is no need to custom-order it. Designers have a solution for every style and pocket size – there are genuine leather wallets up to $100 bucks and extravagant pieces that cost thousands of dollars. Chains are also different in design – from earthy and modest leather chains to burly fancy chains bejeweled with gems and precious metal inserts. Long story short, check this site out https://www.bikerringshop.com and you will see how different biker chains can be.

3. It gives freedom

Let’s be honest, few can afford to ride along the endless roads on a powerful Harley and fully immerse themselves in the biker lifestyle. But everyone can buy a wallet with an awesome hanging chain and breathe in the smell of freedom with a full chest, even if you are only a weekend rider. If you cannot make your biker dreams come true on full a scale, you can at least express yourself with the right accessory.

4. Your belongings are chained to you.

Bikers will never put something on just like that. Everything they use has a definite goal. As for a wallet chain, it has a clear purpose – to protect the most valuable things from loss. If you have ever forgotten your wallet at a bar or lost it while in the saddle, you must have prayed for a way to prevent this to happen again. Well, this is what wallet chains are all about. One end of a chain clips to the wallet (it has special loops) and the other end is attached to the belt. If a wallet slips out of a pocket, this will not remain unnoticed.

5. Culprits will not be able to steal your wallet

We do not know anyone who would have guts to pick biker’s pocket while his wallet is securely attached to him. There are crooks able to quietly pull a wallet out of a back pocket and disappear into thin air. However, their plan will fail if they also need to detach a wallet from a chain. These manipulations will definitely draw the wallet’s owner attention.

6. They are timeless

Biker fashion exists outside the time and trend framework. They resemble modern cowboys – they also ride horses (albeit steel ones), they also wear practical clothes with designs unchangeable for decades, they also follow the honor code and they are always ready to help their brothers if needed. Biker accessories fit well into this concept of timelessness. On the one hand, they are very durable to last for many years; on the other hand, their design is kind of set in stone, so items created 70 years ago will still look cool today.

7. Everybody loves them

Bikers are not the only ones who wear wallet chains. This accessory was honored to accompany such iconic personalities as Marlon Brando’s character from The Wild One, as well as the legendary punkers Ramones and Sex Pistols. Punks borrowed a lot from bikers style-wise including dangling chains. In the 1980-90s, grunge rockers picked up the fashion for thick-ass chains, and in the early 2000s, chains caught the eye of emo musicians. Now, this item can be seen among hip-hoppers and street style adherents. In short, a biker wallet is simultaneously a mainstream and purely niche accessory.

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