Rebellious Kid? Here’s How to Cover Your Room’s Wall With Art


Without words, an image can carry your mind to a certain memory that touches you deeply and even changes you forever. That is why art is an essential tool that young kids rely on when trying to explore their identities and discover who they are. Troubled and rebellious kids, compared to others, are usually more sensitive; they need an outlet to help them process what they are going through in a healthy manner. 



If you are a parent of a rebellious kid, or you are one yourself, here are some tips on how you can make use of art to personalize your own space and freely be yourself:

Hang a flag
Flags look very hip and give off a sense of individuality when hung indoors. Pick the theme and colors you most relate to and find one of the specialized designing studios to bring your vision to life. Or, better yet, you can click here to view the impressive selection of unique flag designs that you are guaranteed to fall in love with. You can replace your headboard with a big flag as wide as your bed, or create a flag collage to hang above your desk. Pro tip: do not hang a flag stretched out as you would a photo; let it loosely flow for a cooler, effortless look.

Add edgy curtains
Since you will have to have curtains, why not go for some artsy ones that you’d enjoy looking at? Make a summer vacation project out of it and design your own curtains. Draw your favorite mascot, add some lyrics from your favorite artist, and design your own one-of-a-kind curtains. Take a trip down to the hardware store and ask about the suitable fabrics and colors; remember to check cleaning instructions to avoid heated arguments with your mom! You might also need to ask for help when taking measurements, since it can be a bit tricky to take the draping into account.

Apply decorative decals
Decals are designs or patterns usually made out of vinyl or plastic that you get to transfer onto your wall using a damp cloth. Decals give this grungy stamp-like finish. You can get the effect of a street graffiti painting right there on the wall of your room. You will find many websites where you can custom-design your own decal of logos or relevant insignias. Don’t worry if you are moving or suddenly experience a shift in taste; decals can easily be removed for reuse and replacement without affecting your wall paint.

Find unconventional stickers



Unlike the stickers of cars and motorcycles you used to stick on every surface when you were little, cool stickers can be found everywhere. The good news is that they are still as easy to put up. Revolutionary, rebel wall stickers are all over the internet. You can find what your heart desires online, or get professional help to print a photo or image that you find inspiring on sticker material. The latest trend in wall stickers includes 3D images and the use of textured materials for a more realistic look.

Mount a wall canvas
Canvas looks very artistic when mounted on walls. It instantly catches the attention of observers and makes a strong statement. Your friends will be impressed by the look of your canvas showing your life motto in moody colors and bold calligraphy. Get in touch with your artistic side and give it a try to create a canvas with some added personal flair. Use different sizes of canvases with a homogenous theme as if to tell a specific story and hang them across on the walls of your room.

Go for a wall mural
Using specialized mural paste, you can create an impressive wall mural with photos of people you look up to or quotes and sayings that you live by. Opt for the high-quality ones painted using dyes that do not fade or change and would stay looking fresh for a long time. Custom-made murals are very popular nowadays, especially with young adults, for the distinctive style they bring into any space.

Art is a form of expression that comes to the rescue when all else fails. A painting or a piece of music can speak a thousand words to help you capture a certain feeling that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Only through art can someone’s personal convictions and ideas be able to reach tons of other people who can relate to it in some way. This makes visual art that much more powerful, and that is why it’s a good idea to use artwork to capture what you are going through mentally and emotionally, in the judgment-free space that is your room.

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Rebellious Kid? Here's How to Cover Your Room's Wall With Art
Without words, an image can carry your mind to a certain memory that touches you deeply and even changes you forever.

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