6 Really Weird and Hilarious Thanksgiving Facts Bet You Didn’t Know


Every citizen of US is waiting for Thanksgiving all year long as it’s one of the most “nourishing” holidays. Prepare for it and learn all the weird and hilarious Thanksgiving facts and traditions.  

Jingle Bells – Something Went Wrong

At the end of the 19th century, James Pierpont wrote the song “Jingle Bells” for children celebrating Thanksgiving.

It became unexpectedly popular and was played on Christmas too. Today it’s associated only with Christmas.

Save the Turkey


Source: nbcnews.com

It is a Presidential tradition to pardon one turkey each year. Firstly arranged by President Truman in 1947, this tradition is still popular in US.

Nexter thinks President made this decision after he saw a baby turkey – poult. Cute, huh?

But have you ever seen a hungry baby turkey?


Source: ca.audubon.org

Just fooling around. Not mentioning the fact that there were actual turkey-like dinosaurs.

Let’s get back to serious business

An odd aspect of the tradition is that the people of US actually vote on the name of a saved turkey. For instance, Barack Obama pardoned a turkey named Courage and sent to Disneyland.

Turkey is a uniquely American bird. Americans love turkeys so much, even President Benjamin Franklin suggested naming the turkey a national bird of US.

Houston, is turkey ready?


Source: freakingnews.com

You think that was all about turkeys? No! Turkey has been the first meal served in space and eaten by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Also, Thanksgiving was celebrated on a few space shuttles.

Turkey Bowling

Sorry, FROZEN turkey bowling. The strangest Thanksgiving tradition is a Frozen Turkey Bowling. Previously, this event was arranged in order to spread the message of the Great American Smokeout on Thursday.

Why anti-smoking propaganda? Don’t ask us. We think it’s a great reason play bowling with a dead bird that almost became the national symbol of US.

Oh, Those Canadians Again


Source: o.aolcdn.com

Canadian Thanksgiving is generally celebrated on the second Monday in October (trying to be before Americans, aren’t they?).

Despite of the religious background of the holiday, Canadians prefer saying thanks for being not Americans and being spared the bloodshed of US Civil War.

At first, Canadians were looking forward to visiting the church on Thanksgiving day, but soon, they turned the time after church into more of a party. As a matter of fact, the majority of Canadians consider this holiday a chance to have a rest before winter.


Source: imgix.net

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