Raking In The Likes: 7 Easy Ways To Creating A Stylish Picture Backdrop In Your Home


If you are one of Instagram’s one billion users, you know that there is much to gain from generating likes on your selfies. From earning you new followers and engagements, to expanding your social media marketing audience, raking in likes is likely to strengthen your brand. If you’re looking to gain followers, become an influencer, or simply create more striking pictures, you will need to be let in on the secret of popular accounts: backdrops.


The more unique, stylish, and inspiring a backdrop, the more a picture is likely to pop, and the better you will be perceived to look as a result. Considering frequent posting is a key to earning more engagements and followers, why not install a cool backdrop in your home to ensure you can snap a like-worthy pic at any moment? Here are a few tips.

  1. Solid Colored Walls Pop

If you’re looking to be the main focus of your selfie, but want your picture to “jump out” from the rest, across your followers’ timelines, you will need a vibrant, colorful background. However, to keep your wall from being too distracting and taking the attention away from you, you will want its color to be solid.

You can select a bare wall (preferably one receiving enough natural light) and complete the painting process yourself. Make sure to pick paint-coloring most flattering to your skin tone (a color you’d be willing to wear on clothes).

  1. Create Fantasy With String Lights

String lights have an ephemeral effect, reminiscent of Christmas and funfairs. String lights will provide added luminosity to the picture, and their soft glow is flattering for all complexions.

Their disarrayed hanging makes for a striking full-body picture backdrop, with light flickering across the entire frame like sparkly gems.

  1. Books Are Intriguing

Part of earning a steady stream of likes is continuity. Sharing bits of your interests — for instance, your favorite books — creates room for your audience to relate to you beyond your imagination. This can elevate the whole effect of a picture, particularly if the books are displayed to their advantage, with visible covers and names.

DIY shelf installation is relatively easy, so you can set up bookshelves on your selected backdrop wall to best flatter your usual stance or position on pictures.

  1. The Art Of Pop

Pop culture imagery has become a staple of modern fashion. It provides the aesthetic appeal of bright colors, daring styles, and artistic expression. If you’ve got colorful posters of your favorite celebrities, beauty icons, or overall inspirations, they are likely to compel in the same way as books, but in a more engaging and visually striking manner.

  1. Plants Are In

If you’re active on social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, you’ve probably observed a trend in the use of plants — particularly the kind with long, slim leaves — as a primary component of pictures. It isn’t just that green is in — it is that leaves add a splash of a neutral, popular color without being overly distracting or as eccentric as other decorations may be.

  1. Everyone Loves An Artist

Hanging pieces of your artistic creations (paintings, sculptures, tapestries, etc.) on your selfie backdrops compels your audience to observe the picture just a little longer, by which time they will have most likely pressed like, and noted the attention to detail that went into creating the visuals.

This may also help you earn some interest in your art, and even orders. If you don’t have paintings of your own you would like displayed, consider framing or encasing colorful posters and hanging them instead. You also get these from online stores like https://www.photowall.co.uk/.

  1.  Hang Your Bed Sheets

If you’re looking for a neutral white background, bed sheets are a quick and easy option. They can also be used to give an impression of “expanded space,” when the sheet is hung to cover both a portion of the floor and the backdrop wall. This removes the visible separation between the ground and back wall, making it appear much further.

Creating an attractive backdrop for your selfies is essential to leave a lasting impression on your followers, earning new ones and accumulating likes. If you’re not comfortable making permanent changes to your home, it may be best to use temporary decorative add-ons like colorful posters, plant and flower pots, or hanging bed sheets.

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Raking In The Likes: 7 Easy Ways To Creating A Stylish Picture Backdrop In Your Home
If you are one of Instagram’s one billion users, you know that there is much to gain from generating likes on your selfies.
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