Quit Smoking: 4 Ways To Strike Out Nicotine Cravings


Upon deciding to quit smoking, it is smart to start making a plan to help you with the nicotine cravings you will experience. Smoking has several effects on our bodies, these include emotional, behavioral and physical. Thus, lowering nicotine levels in your body will trigger withdrawal symptoms, such as anger, hunger and restless feelings; besides the recurrence of headaches and coughing fits. With a good plan and multiple strategies, you will be able to overcome these symptoms. 


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Here are 4 methods that could help you on your journey to quitting smoking.

Nicotine replacements
Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices have been catching many smokers’ attention who are looking to quit. Many have even stopped smoking cigarettes entirely after using them, even though they still vape nicotine. If you want to stop and adjust the nicotine level in your body, then look for alternatives to vaping nicotine such as vaping  nicotine-free liquids. You  can also consider using other nicotine replacement products that you can purchase over the counter, such as nicotine gum and patches.

Start exercising
With the passage of time, you will be able to tell when your nicotine craving hits. When it does occur, try to go for a walk as soon as possible, preferably in open spaces with fresh air. Take a 5 to 10 minute walk, while taking deep breaths from your diaphragm, not your chest; as you will be able to fill your lungs with more air. If you do not play any sports, then think about taking up a sport you might enjoy and add it to your exercise plan. These could include strength training at the gym, playing tennis or practicing yoga. By taking up any kind of sport, this will surely help you increase your fitness levels and induce hormones that will help you with your mood swings and bad tempers.


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Breathing exercise
A very simple, yet powerful way to strike out nicotine withdrawal symptoms is deep breathing. When cravings hit you, stop whatever you are doing and breathe heavily and slowly for one minute. Focus on your inhaling and exhaling, controlling the pace and making sure you are taking deep breaths from your diaphragm. You will without a doubt be calmer, stronger and refreshed after this meditation technique.

Don’t get hungry
Always remember, when you do not consume the appropriate calorie intake your body needs, your blood sugar levels drop causing smoking cravings to reappear. Especially at the start of the quitting process, it will be hard to distinguish between sugar and nicotine cravings. So, keep some healthy snacks in your close proximity, such as nuts, dried fruits or peanut butter; this will maintain your blood sugar level and satisfy your psychological habits. Stay away from high fats, carbs and sugary snacks, as they will increase your blood sugar levels along with your cravings – which will get worse.

Withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking can last for a week or two. However, you can strike at the nicotine cravings by starting that journey being mentally prepared, having a good plan and using these 4 aforementioned strategies. This will ensure an easier journey with less side effects and more endurance to quit smoking.

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Quit Smoking: 4 Ways To Strike Out Nicotine Cravings
Upon deciding to quit smoking, it is smart to start making a plan to help you with the nicotine cravings you will experience.

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