Punisher: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Watch It


The first episode of the new Netflix’s series “Punisher” was released on November 17 and received a bunch of negative comments and feedbacks.

Stay with Nexter and get to know why you should not waste your time on it.

1. Hackneyed ways of intrigue


Source: nymag.com

We get used to some certain drama twists and we are pretty much prepared for any possible endings. Nevertheless, it’s not the reason why directors shouldn’t come up with some interesting and fresh ideas to attract our attention:

The Punisher is as formulaic in structure as any Marvel Netflix series…, this first arc ends with some equally obligatory twists, which could send the second half of The Punisher into some very Luke Cage-ish territory.” – stated  Kofi Outlaw.

2. Just another commercial series


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The running time of the whole series is 13 episodes, which is really too much. It seems like Netflix is trying to stretch a story just to make more money on it.

As Liz Shannon Miller stated, “Punisher” could have been a fantastic six-episode season. The extra seven feel excessive.”

3. Vague storytelling


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Of course, it’s just the first episode, however, it’s still a major reason to watch or not watch it further. Most people find that a few really exciting moments, but the greatest part of a running time is just a way to fill the gaps:

“It’s also tedious for long stretches and, when it comes to plot details, astoundingly forgettable.” – said Daniel Fienberg.

“The Punisher’s first episode is sleepy and repetitive.” – stated Susana Polo.

4. Has nothing new to offer


Source: comicbook.com

We can accept banal plot and predictable twists as long as it’s compensated by profound thoughts of the main characters and meaningful topics risen in the series. In our case, “Punisher” is just another story about the modern problems we are all fed up with.

“…never pushes any boundaries or challenges any big ideas.”  and “ lacks any real dynamism as a result.”– noticed Liz Shannon Miller.

5. Unremarkable hero


Source: theatlantic.com

There is nothing special about the main character, Frank Castle, as he doesn’t trust people as any other character from Marvel Netflix series or modern movies.

Also, Castle character should show us the life of the veterans, which isn’t a very good topic to make a Netflix series about.

According to Liz Shannon Miller, Punisher “has only one superpower: being very good with guns, knives, and however else you might choose to kill people.”

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