Pros and Cons Of Adopting A Cat According To Pet Owners


So you’re thinking about getting yourself a pet cat, and while it’s a great idea to have one at home to keep you company, you need to understand that there will be some small drawbacks to having one of these furry companions. Before you adopt your own little furball, we’ve come up with a small pros and cons comparison for you, based on what pet owners think, to fully understand everything you might go through with a pet cat.



The Advantages of Adopting a Pet Cat
It’s beyond words when you have one or two of these cute kittens around with you at home. They will bring joy to your life, and it would be so eventful. You’ll also notice a dramatic difference in your emotional and mental state. So let’s see what else you could expect from adopting your own cat:

  • They’re Affectionate: They can be super loving and caring most of the time; cats tend to feed off your energy, and can also be stress-relieving. Whenever you have a bad day or you’re just feeling down, stroking the little kitty can induce a calming effect to you that gets rid of any stress or sadness. Just the purring sounds of a curled up cat on your lap is enough to make you feel a lot better; the bond you form with them is something special that is beyond words.
  • Wide Variety of Cat Food: So many different companies and brands have made a lot of different dry and wet cat food available. Most of them have different ingredients and nutrition facts that you can read and learn, so you’ll be able to know what’s best for your cat and easily get the perfect kinds with quality ingredients that can keep it healthy. Remember to get both wet and dry food for them because they both have nutritional values.
  • No Need To Walk Them: This is handy because, unlike dogs, they don’t need to get out and walk much. Cats tend to be lazy most of the time and sleep a lot; they can get their exercise from sprinting suddenly or climbing up your furniture. So, remember to have your home suitable for their climbing needs and get them a few climbing tree towers.
  • Chasing Away Pests: Another amazing thing about having cats at home is that they would prevent any rodents and certain insects from entering your home; they are hunters at heart, so the thrill of the hunt makes them the perfect protection you need from any annoying invasive pests around and inside your home.

The Disadvantages of Adopting a Pet Cat



If you’re thinking that it’s going to be a breeze from here on out, you are sorely mistaken. Having a cat is great, but you need to know some of the things that can make it a little harder for you, so let’s see what kind of drawbacks are in store for you:

  • Allergies: Unfortunately, cats can cause a lot of allergy problems to you or people visiting you; the problem isn’t exactly from their hair, but it’s from their saliva. And since they groom themselves a lot, those particles tend to fly in the air and cause lots of sneezing that can be really annoying. So, remember to stockpile on antihistamines!
  • Random Morbid Gifts: Cats are affectionate and loving, of course, but they are still natural-born killers. So, you might randomly find them coming home to you with dead little lizards, birds, or mice as a token of appreciation to you. Although it is cute and funny, it can be a problem dealing with gifts like these inside the house.
  • Scratching and Clawing Your Furniture: Another annoying thing about having cats is that they tend to ruin all your furniture; cats need to scratch randomly throughout the day because it’s in their nature. So, you might find all your furniture and possibly sheets scratched and clawed too much. You can try and avoid this by getting a lot of cat tree toys, but they always seem to love the things you use instead.
  • Litter Box Management: Unlike dogs, cats don’t usually relieve themselves outside, making litter boxes essential in your home. But these can be very smelly and might stink up the room eventually, which means you have to keep cleaning it frequently and thoroughly. This can be difficult for some people and it’s just something you have to get used to.

Cats are gentle creatures and require a lot of attention most of the time; you need to learn some things about their behavior and how they show affection. Once you get used to the minor disadvantages of having one at home, you’ll start ignoring them entirely and just enjoy having fun with your furry friend whenever you like.

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Pros and Cons Of Adopting A Cat According To Pet Owners
So you're thinking about getting yourself a pet cat, and while it's a great idea to have one at home to keep you company, you need to understand that there will be some small drawbacks to having one of these furry companions.

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