Private Jet Travel Is Worth the Cost If You Know How It Works


Private jets have a reputation for being pricey. Compared to regular flights, a private jet travel would cost you more money. But it’s not overpriced if you consider the value proposition on offer. Whether it’s a family vacation or an important business trip, a chartered trip lets you maximise the amount of time you spend at your destination and reduce the total time you devote to travelling.


Cost Factor is Overhyped

Compared to a first-class airplane seat, a private jet costs ( more. However, the difference is not several thousand pounds. Generally, the premium you pay is under a £1,000. The price also varies with the plane’s size. The larger the plane, the more you’ll have to pay. But, unlike commercial aircrafts, you are not renting seats in a chartered plane.

If you are travelling by yourself in a traditional airplane, you’ll have to book a seat. If your family is flying with you, you need to book their seats too. The number of seats you book, the more expensive your flying costs would get. However, with charters, you are renting the plane. Your flying expenses would be the same with a private jet, irrespective of whether you are flying alone or with people you know. The number of people that can fly along with you would depend on the plane’s size.

Personalised Catering

On a private jet, you would always get VIP catering. If it’s a short haul, the food offered usually will comprise cold meats, fruit, salad, pastries, and/or sandwiches. Champagne is offered too, along with a range of hot beverages and soft drinks. But since the flight is bespoke in nature or committed to your service alone, you may request any kind of plausible service to be made available during your flight. From specific herbal tea brands to birthday cakes, private jet service providers invariably try very hard to ensure all your requirements are met onboard. And if you end up falling asleep with all the pampering, you would be duly notified when the flight reaches its destination.

No Hard Flying Rules

Private flying comes with a range of amenities. For starters, there is no in-flight dress code. Customers flying privately may also bring pets – along with skis, golf clubs, and other bulky goods. Pets are usually hard to get through into the passenger space of a commercial airplane. And if you manage to carry your pet along with you, there’s always the likelihood of the pet acting strange mid-flight and getting sneered at by your co-passengers. As far as skis and golf clubs are concerned, they are not allowed or will not fit inside a commercial plane. Moreover, private planes could offer easier access for the handicapped, elderly, or injured travellers. These planes are better at accommodating wheelchairs and similar equipment.


As aforementioned, the major reason the rich and the sensible travel by private jets is the time-savings, besides the luxury and convenience. Private jets can land in smaller airports, invariably helping their clients reach their final locations quicker. Commercial aircrafts have access to the biggest airports only. If a traveller is flying states to attend an important meeting outside the closest metropolitan area, they would have to add some major round-trip driving period to reach the meeting location from the airport. Moreover, private jet flyers need not wait in the long and tiring security queues at big airports. In other words, people who fly by chartered planes can schedule their travel as per their appointments and not fix meetings based on the day and time of flight and how long the landing airport is from the meeting point.

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Private Jet Travel Is Worth the Cost If You Know How It Works
Private jets have a reputation for being pricey. Compared to regular flights, a private jet travel would cost you more money

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