Pistachio Battle: US Vs Iran


Trump’s denial of certification of the agreement on pistachio trade has added a new twist to the ongoing conflict between Iran and the US on the global market.

Read about the key moment of this process and learn how it will affect the prices of the pistachio in the next few months. All in all, just a modest opinion of Nexter.

In a nutshell


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The pistachio tree is wide-world popular source of seeds that are mostly confused with nuts and are the main ingredient of the rahat lokum, delicious Turkish dessert, and Neapolitan ice-cream.

Through the years the US and Iran has been fighting for the first place in pistachio producing battle. The US has attempted to establish superiority over Iran, however, the second one is continuing to produce twice as much as the American companies.

The story goes deeper than the trivial fight over nuts. The truth is that the real problem is not in pistachio trade, but in the never-ending efforts to prevent the nuclear war and the possible terrorism attacks.

The ‘nuts’ background


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Almost for the half of the century now, Iranian farmers were not able to produce and sell the pistachio seeds without unbearable taxes and sanctions. That is why they did not have an opportunity to become an independent member of the international market.

However, luckily for the Iran’s growers, the situation changed on 16 January 2016 – the memorable moment of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action implementation.

The former president of the US – Barack Obama – sought for the support to adopt this agreement and explained his motivation as a way to make America and the whole world more peaceful and safer and reduce the possibility of the nuclear war.

Consequently, this deal put an end to the sanctions on oil and gas production, Iranian banks restrictions and cultivation of pistachio. The last one has increased the income of Iranian companies in a few times and has led to the change of the price of the pistachio that has been continuously rising over the last decade.



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Donald Trump has never supported Obama’s peaceful policy toward the states of the Western Asia, stating that Iran nuclear deal would only increase the probability of war. This month he has confirmed JCPOA terms are not relevant anymore, saying these actions must be performed for the good of the country.

Notwithstanding the fact the current President is assured in the brilliance of the decision, two-third of the citizens of America are not ready to support him.

The resumption of the sanctions and restrictions have made it hard for Iranian industry to develop and compete equally and fairly to the US companies.

Donald Trump wants Iran to review its nuclear goals for the next 15 years. This affects in particular the amount of uranium kept on the territory of Iran and the building of the reactors.

Not mention these problems, Iran’s water infrastructure is the key obstacle for the industry to grow. Nevertheless, Iran still has its main advantages – the sweetest taste of the product, convenient location and the various ways of transportation.

As the consequence of the widening of Iran’s pistachio export, it was also suggested that the price of the pistachio would continue to increase. Huh, we do not know about the price, but the interest in Iran nuclear deal will proliferate for sure.

Let’s talk seriously

Well, this conflict has left a trace not only in news, but it also has helped to create an abundance of witty tweets and memes on the social networks:

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