Party-Ready: 5 Chic New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas


New Year’s Eve is upon us and what better way to ring in the new decade than a perfectly chic outfit? This year, upgrade your look with easy substitutes to ensure all eyes are on you. Trade-in your classic LBDs or sequin dress for some fresh new outfit ideas. Swap your velvet dress for sultry animal print, your crystal earrings for your dazzling pearl earrings, and make a statement in feather details instead of loud glitter. Read on for 5 new chic outfit ideas for the big night out.



Modern Pearl Accessories

You might automatically reach for a pair of sparkly earrings for NYE, but you can easily update your look with a modern pair of pearl earrings instead. This will add a chic twist to the typical rhinestone pairs you frequently see. For a classic look, turn towards a simple pair of drop pearl earrings and for an edgier take, reach for Tahitian pearl earrings which are an opalescent black color. Attending a formal party for NYE? Think about incorporating a classically elegant pearl necklace into your look for something that feels modern and fresh but formal enough to wear for black tie events.

Flapper Inspired Dresses



We are ushering in the ’20s after all! Take note of this and use it as a way to upgrade your sequin dress with flapper-inspired details. Beaded fringe trims will add glamour to your look while also making for a killer dress to dance the night away. Beaded details feel like an upgrade to classic allover sequin dresses. Turn towards ‘20s inspired silhouettes like straight necklines and shorter hemlines. Keep your hair, accessories, and makeup all fresh and modern to keep from looking too much like a costume.

Fun Tights



Tights don’t just have to add warmth to your outfit! Instead, add a festive pair of tights to complete your look. Take a cue from the previous runway shows from YSL and pair ultra-sheer tights with your black mini dress. Or try out a pair with polka dots, crystals or fishnets to complete your festive look. While we may all be looking forward to baring our legs and dressing for spring, in the meantime, get creative with tights.

Feather Details



If sequins aren’t your thing, you can still make a statement on New Year’s Eve. Try incorporating feather details into your look instead of sparkly dresses. Feather accents have been a popular trend this year from feather necklines and hems to full feather crop tops. Feather clutches will make just as much of a statement as other details. For an easy DIY upgrade to your current look, head to your local fabric store to buy ostrich feather trim and tack on to your already favorite hemline or neckline. Alternatively, use fabric glue to cover a purse you already own.

Statement Animal Print



If you want to stand out in a sea of black and sequin dresses for New Year’s Eve, reach for an animal print instead. Animal print took over the runways and street style so much in 2019 that people are even venturing to call it a “wardrobe neutral”. This will especially feel at home if you’re celebrating the big night out in a warmer location (lucky you!). While there are a lot of trends from 2019 that we hope won’t stick around, animal print definitely isn’t one of them.

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Party-Ready: 5 Chic New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas
New Year’s Eve is upon us and what better way to ring in the new decade than a perfectly chic outfit?

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